Boma–Dzing languages

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Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo
Glottologyanz1243  (partial overlap)[1]

The Boma–Dzing languages are a clade of Bantu languages coded Zone B.80 in Guthrie's classification. According to Nurse & Philippson (2003), some of Guthrie's B.80 (Tiene, Mfinu, Mpuono) are related to the Teke languages (B.70), and some Yansi varieties belong with the Yaka languages (H.30), but the rest form a valid node. They are:

  • Boma: Boma, Mpe (Kempee), Nunu[2]
  • Ding: Ding (Dzing, Di), Ngul (including Ngwi), Lwel (Kelwer), Mpiin, West Ngongo, Nzadi[2]
  • a variety or varieties of Yansi (perhaps Tsong?)


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