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Tigani (Τηγάνι) is a small peninsula in the landscape of Mani in southern Greece. The name is Greek for "frying pan". Tigani is surrounded by the sea except for a narrow strip of land that connects to the mainland. The ruins of a probable medieval castle can be found there. Its position and its walls made it extremely hard to capture.

Megali Maina[edit]

Many historians believe that Tigani is the location of the castle Megali Maina (also called Grande Magne) because Tigani meets many of the clues about Megali Maina in historic descriptions. It was said to have been built around the early 13th century by Frankish crusaders who had come to Mani and the Peloponnese after taking over Constantinople.

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Coordinates: 36°24′45″N 22°28′54″E / 36.41244°N 22.48163°E / 36.41244; 22.48163