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Created byAndrew Koehler
Benjamin Martian
Based onThe Begun of Tigtone, by Andrew Koehler, Benjamin Martian, and Zack Wallenfang
Story by
Directed by
  • Frederic Cristy
  • Benjamin Martian (co-director, Series only)
Voices ofNils Frykdahl
Debi Derryberry
Bill Corbett
Lucy Davis
Jeffrey Combs
Trace Beaulieu
Composer(s)Leo Birenberg
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producer(s)
  • Andrew Koehler
  • Benjamin Martian
  • Blake Anderson
  • Dave Newberg (Pilot)
  • Jennifer Ray (Series)
  • Charlie Sweitzer (line producer, Series only)
  • Paul Mazzotta and Jeff Picarello (Pilot)
  • Megan Love (Series)
Running time11–12 minutes
Production company(s)
DistributorWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original networkAdult Swim
Audio formatStereo
Original releaseJanuary 13, 2019 (2019-01-13) –
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Tigtone is an American adult animated television series that premiered on Adult Swim on January 13, 2019. It is based on the original characters of an independent short, The Begun of Tigtone, created by Andrew Koehler, Benjamin Martian, and Zack Wallenfang. They produced it through their own company Babyhemyth Productions.

The TV series is instead created by Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martian – Zack Wallenfang isn't involved – and produced by Babyhemyth Productions with other two companies, Titmouse, Inc. and Williams Street. The setting is a parody of cliches and tropes from the medieval fantasy genre, with occasional steampunk references.

A second season was announced in July.[1]


Tigtone is an intense and high-strung adventurer with a penchant for the over-dramatic and a murderous obsession for quests. He resides in the surreal, medieval kingdom of Propecia, ruled by its two-headed monarch, King Queen, who is regularly flanked by their effeminate manchild Prince Lavender and their frequently put-upon attendant Command-Or Mathis. Joined by his trusty and expendable companion Helpy, Tigtone regularly accepts tasks and assignments that take him to various locations in Propecia, slaughtering numerous enemies along the way.


  • Tigtone (voiced by Nils Frykdahl as an adult, Cree Summer as a child) - The primary protagonist, a wandering adventurer with an obsession for quests.
  • Helpy (voiced by Debi Derryberry) - Tigtone's companion, whose regenerative powers make him regularly exploited and abused, even after he and Tigtone become friends. In the finale of the first season, he was revealed to have used Tigtone's quests to gather the items he needed for his master, The Greater Good, only to subsequently be betrayed by The Greater Good and make amends with Tigtone.
  • King Queen (voiced by Bill Corbett and Lucy Davis) - The two-headed ruler of Propecia. One head is male and the other head is female.
  • Lore Mastra (voiced by Cree Summer) -
  • Prince Lavender (voiced by Jeffrey Combs) - The man-child son of King Queen.
  • Command-Or Mathis (voiced by Trace Beaulieu) - The put-upon attendant of King Queen.
  • Barteener (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams) - A gnome who Tigtone sometimes remembers giving him advice.
  • Lord Festus (voiced by Sid Haig in the pilot, John DiMaggio in later episodes) - A recurring villain.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
PrecursorMay 10, 2014 (2014-05-10)
PilotMay 13, 2018 (2018-05-13)
110January 13, 2019 (2019-01-13)February 10, 2019 (2019-02-10)

Precursor (2014)[edit]

TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
"The Begun of Tigtone"Andrew KoehlerAndrew Koehler, Benjamin Martian, Zack Wallenfang, and Cody LarsonMay 10, 2014 (2014-05-10)

Pilot (2018)[edit]

No.Title[a]Written byStoryboarded byOriginal release dateProd.
0"...and the Series"
"...and the Pilot"
Andrew Koehler, Benjamin Martian, Blake Anderson, and Andreas TrolfFreddy CristyMay 13, 2018 (2018-05-13)TBA
In exchange for the release of their beloved court magician, King Queen tasks Tigtone with delivering their reluctant son Prince Lavender to the evil Lord Festus, to be tortured. Angered at the prospect of being replaced by the old magician, his replacement (Blake Anderson) schemes to stop Tigtone from escorting the prince to Festus' kingdom.

Season 1 (2019–present)[edit]

No. in
Title[a]Written byStoryboarded byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
11"...and His Fellowship Of"Benjamin MartianSean Glaze and Stanley Von MedveyJanuary 13, 2019 (2019-01-13)TBAN/A
Tigtone is tasked with defeating the necromancer Wadsor (Brandon Johnson), who has been stealing the souls from Propecia's chickens as a means of revitalizing his rock army. While preferring to accomplish the task to kill Wadsor with a magic dagger by himself, Tigone is reluctant with having King Queen provide him with a fellowship consisting of the ranger Poach-Or (Blake Anderson), the barbarian Axeanne (Cree Summer), and the elf Redünart. Along the way, his companions each killed one-by-one throughout his quest as Tigtone rescues a creature he dubbed Helpy whom Wadsor held prisoner for his magical regeneration powers. Helpy helps Tigtone kill Wadsor, with Tigtone deciding to keep Helpy as his companion.
22"...and the Beautiful War"Andreas TrolfFrederic CristyJanuary 13, 2019 (2019-01-13)TBAN/A
A spreading plague of beauty has wracked the land of Propecia, and made it impossible for Lord Festus to do his job, working best in a brutal and hideous environment. He calls upon Tigtone to find the source of the beauty plague, (Which has already claimed Helpy, making him incredibly handsome) and put an end to it, and "re-uglify" the land. Their travels lead them to a kingdom of stunningly gorgeous unicorns residing above the clouds, who are locked in battle with each other to determine who is the most beautiful. Amidst the chaos of the battling unicorns, Tigtone meets an ugly unicorn named Zlotovf, (Alan Oppenheimer) who explains that their bloodshed is what's causing the beauty plague in Tigtone's realm, and reveals another hidden world above the unicorn's, where a race of hideously ugly creatures reside. Tigtone and Helpy journey to this realm, and upon discovering that the creatures' tears reverse the unicorn's blood, Tigtone verbally abuses them until they cry an uglifying rain upon the land.
33"...and the Wine Crisis"Andreas TrolfSean Glaze and Stanley Von MedveyJanuary 20, 2019 (2019-01-20)TBAN/A
A wine shortage has wracked Propecia, and several of the land's vineyards have gone missing, leaving the populace without much-desired wine to drink. King Queen tasks Tigtone with finding the cause of the wine shortage before it's too late. Tigtone and Helpy's travels lead them to an untouched vineyard, where they happily drink their fill of wine, only for the entire vineyard (Along with the rest of Propecia's vineyards) to be uprooted by a band of sky pirates, lead by the vicious air pirate Zuviell. (Grey Delisle) Tigtone to a standstill, forcing he and Helpy to retreat. Tigtone soon hatches a plan to rid themselves of the sky pirates, by turning Helpy into a vampire, and siccing him upon the pirates in their slumber. They awaken in horror to discover their transformation, only for Tigtone to explain that they no longer crave wine, but blood instead. Upon realizing this, Zuviell declares they will no longer steal wine, and returns the stolen vineyards to Propecia, where they set to drinking the blood of its denizens.
44"...and Those Elemental Kings"Andrew KoehlerFrederic Cristy, Sean Glaze, and Stanley Von MedveyJanuary 20, 2019 (2019-01-20)TBAN/A
Tigtone regales Helpy with a story of the time he discovered an enchanted doorway, which only could be opened with several symbols of power held by four elemental kings. In his story, Tigtone fights the gargantuan Metal King, the hideous Blood King, (Neil Hamburger) the pushover Lightning King, and the masochistic Pain King, receiving tokens of power from each one as he defeats them. Helpy then asks what Tigtone discovered behind the doorway once he got it open, only for Tigtone to remember that he never opened the door after receiving the symbols. The two of them immediately head to the doorway's location to see for themselves, but the visions they encounter inside of it horrify and traumatize the both of them for several days. Tigtone then declares that no mortal man should ever set foot inside the door...for free. The two of them then set up an admissions booth and charge the people of Propecia to walk through the door and experience its horrors themselves.
55"...and the Wizard Hunt"Joseph ScrimshawFrederic Cristy, Sean Glaze, and Stanley Von MedveyJanuary 27, 2019 (2019-01-27)TBAN/A
Tigtone is rewarded for completing a quest by being transformed into a wizard. As he and Helpy marvel and delight in his newfound magical powers, Propecia prepares for its annual Wizard Hunt, during which an alignment of the land's many moons saps the land's magician community of its magical powers, rendering them mortal. Tigtone soon finds himself caught up in the middle of the hunt when his powers give out without warning, gravely injuring Helpy, who can no longer magically regenerate himself. Tigtone seeks refuge amongst a clan of wizards hiding out from the hunting parties, whose leader Crackers (Fred Willard) devises a plan to reroute all the magic sapped by Propecia's moons into the creation of a giant kaiju-like wizard. The giant wizard goes berserk and begins to destroy much of Propecia, during which Tigtone comes up with a new plan: Build a giant Tigtone to battle the wizard. With the assistance of the giant Tigtone the wizard is defeated, releasing all the collected magic back into Propecia's wizards, and into Helpy, who can now regenerate again.
66"...and the Freaks of Love"Patricia VillettoSean Glaze and Stanley Von MedveyJanuary 27, 2019 (2019-01-27)TBAN/A
Tigtone and Helpy enthusiastically answer the call to quest for a coven of centaurs. Tigtone's excitement turns to disappointment when he learns that his task is to locate the legendary Fertile Centaur (John Waters) and escort him back to the coven before sundown. Tigtone agrees, but angrily makes his disdain for the quest known at every opportunity, escort quests being Tigtone's least favorite. He and Helpy locate the Fertile Centaur, but find him a nuisance who stubbornly refuses to travel, and is very nearly killed multiple times. After Tigtone searches inward, he realizes that all of his quests have indirectly been escort quests, and fully dedicates himself to completing his task, which moves the Fertile Centaur into cooperation, before promptly dying from an allergic reaction to a bee sting, forcing Tigtone and Helpy to cobble together a makeshift fake Fertile Centaur to present to the coven.
77"...and His Manless Match"Andreas TrolfFrederic Cristy, Sean Glaze, and Stanley Von MedveyFebruary 3, 2019 (2019-02-03)TBAN/A
In between quests, Tigtone happens upon Beconka (Cree Summer), who appears to be a gender-swapped equal to Tigtone. Feeling equally threatened and romantically enthralled by each other, the two set off on a race through an ancient giant's body to recover an ancient treasure within. After mercilessly competing with each other throughout the journey, Tigtone and Beconka eventually realize they will not be able to traverse the giant separately and team up, becoming soulmates along the way. Meanwhile Helpy stays behind at the tavern with Beconka's helper Jacques, who lords over Helpy with his superior qualities, driving Helpy into depression and inferiority complex. Helpy turns the tables on Jacques however, murdering him brutally after learning Jacques cannot regenerate like him. After retrieving their quarry Tigtone and Helpy part ways with Beconka, mourning that in spite of their mutual love of questing they could never be together.
88"...and the Cemetery of the Dead"Benjamin MartianFrederic Cristy, Sean Glaze, and Stanley Von MedveyFebruary 3, 2019 (2019-02-03)TBAN/A
After being called to investigate a series of murders at a local campsite, Tigtone deduces that the only way to get the answers he seeks is to enter the land of the dead and interrogate the spirits of those that were killed. With the assistance of a temporary death potion, Tigtone enters the afterlife, and is initially confused by the terrified reaction he receives. A mysterious spirit (Paul Reubens) reveals to Tigtone's horror that he was responsible for the murders. Upon is revival from temporary death, Tigtone turns himself in to Propecia's authority to be tried and executed. Helpy, not convinced that Tigtone was responsible, decides to investigate for himself. He soon discovers that the murders were committed by the local groundskeeper C.J. (Blake Anderson), who had disguised himself as Tigtone to frame him at the orders of the mysterious spirit in the afterlife, revealed to be a serial killer whom Tigtone had brought to justice named Cryptomb. Before Tigtone can be executed, Helpy reveals the truth to Propecia. Enraged, Tigtone re-enters the afterlife temporarily and takes revenge on Cryptomb and C.J. for framing him.
99"...and the Singing Blade"Benjamin MartianMike Carlo, Sean Glaze, and Stanley Von MedveyFebruary 10, 2019 (2019-02-10)TBAN/A
The story is told from the perspective of the talking, murderous Bard Sword (John DiMaggio), recounting the story of his encounter with Tigtone to King Queen and Tigtone himself in front of an active volcano. The Bard Sword sings a story of his discovery by a delinquent youth named Daker, who teams up with the talking blade to kill citizens of Propecia and take their armaments, to build a body made out of weapons. (For more efficient killing purposes.) Tigtone, angered that there are no more weapons to purchase, tracks the duo down, but is unable to fight them as he morally cannot kill a child. To get around this, Tigtone drinks a magic potion that transforms him into a youth, but only succeeds in irritating Helpy with childish behavior. The Bard Sword completes his body without Daker, who gradually gets bored and leaves. Before the Bard Sword can commit any more murders however, Helpy arrives to challenge the Bard Sword with Tigtone, who has now transformed himself into a sword. The Bard Sword is defeated, but Tigtone is unable to transform back as he only has enough potion to transform back into a child. Tigtone is transformed thusly, while Helpy raises him as his own. Back in present day however, declares the Bard Sword to be an unreliable narrator, and tosses it into the volcano.
1010"...vs. Nothing"Andrew KoehlerMike Carlo, Sean Glaze, and Stanley Von MedveyFebruary 10, 2019 (2019-02-10)TBAN/A
Partway through a quest, Helpy reveals to Tigtone that he himself was on a quest of his own; to form a magical talisman known as the Jingis, which he had been doing over the course of the season with random trinkets found in each episode. Declaring that his life purpose was to help the greater good, he takes the Jingis and disappears, but not before using it to bring the world into perfect balance and peacefulness. Tigtone soon finds himself restless and without direction, as there are no quests to be found in a peaceful world. In desperation, Tigtone calls upon the Crystal Gods for assistance, who reveal to him that the "greater good" that Helpy was assisting was actually a rogue god with the name The Greater Good. (Jeffrey Combs) Determined to defeat him, Tigtone journeys to The Greater Good's ethereal realm, only to find that he has betrayed Helpy, and is now using him as a source of infinite life. Helpy implores Tigtone to kill him in order to sever his regenerating powers from The Greater Good, which Tigtone does with great hesitation and despair. Drained of regenerative abilities, The Greater Good is left vulnerable to Tigtone, who promptly kills him to avenge Helpy. In gratitude for killing The Greater Good, the Crystal Gods bring Helpy back to life, and the two of them leave with the Jingis. Once returned to Propecia, Tigtone uses the Jingis' power to create widespread chaos and havoc throughout the world, ensuring an endless supply of quests for the two of them.

Shorts (2014–15, 2019)[edit]

In addition to the main episodes, there have been twelve Tigtone's Journal shorts released on Babyhemyth Productions' YouTube channel (like The Begun of Tigtone, these predated the television series), and eight Dear Journal shorts released on Adult Swim's YouTube channel. With the exceptions of Entries # 6, 8, 9, and 10 of Tigtone's Journal, which are slightly over a minute long, each has a runtime of less than one minute.


Informational notes

  1. ^ a b All the episodes are always introduced and entitled with the word "Tigtone...".
  1. ^ Lang, Jamie (6 July 2019). "'Ballmastrz: 9009,' 'Tigtone' Second Seasons Ordered by Adult Swim (EXCLUSIVE)". Variety. Retrieved 6 July 2019.

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