Timeline of British breweries

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Timeline of British Breweries
Brewer 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000
Adnams, Southwold Adnams
Whitbread, London Whitbread Interbrew
Flowers, Stratford Flower & Sons "
JW Green, Luton JW Green (Brewmaster) "
Cheltenham, Cheltenham Cheltenham Cheltenham & Hereford Breweries WCB "
Tredegar, Tredegar Tredegar Hereford & Tredegar Brewery/Imperial Brewery
Hereford, Hereford Hereford


Godsell's, Stroud Godsell's "
Lacon's, Great Yarmouth Lacon's "
Fremlins, Maidstone Fremlins "
Threlfalls, Salford Threlfalls "
Chester's, Ardwick Chester's "
Wethered, Marlow Thomas Wethered & Sons Strong & Co "
Boddington's, Manchester Boddington's "
SA Brain, Cardiff SA Brain
Crown, Pontyclun Crown Brewery Crown Buckley "
Buckley's, Llanelli Buckley's
Hancock's, Cardiff Hancock's Bass "




Ind Coope, Burton Ind Coope Ind Coope & Allsopp/Ind Coope Allied Breweries Carlsberg-Tetley/Carlsberg
Ind Coope, Romford
Bindley's, Burton Bindley & Co "
Robinson's, Burton Robinson's Brewery "


Woolf's "
Colchester, Colchester Colchester Brewery Co "
Burton, Burton Burton Brewery Co "
All Saints All Saints Brewery "
Budden & Biggs Budden & Biggs "
Leeds City, Leeds Leeds City Brewery "
Allsopp's Samuel Allsopp & Sons
Showell's Showell's "
New Victoria Brewery New Victoria Brewery "
Hall's Hall's "
Stretton's Stretton's "
Arrol's, Alloa Archibald Arrol & Sons "
Lichfield, Lichfield Lichfield Brewery "
Aylesbury, Aylesbury Aylesbury Brewery "
Parker's Parker's "
Wrexham, Wrexham Wrexham Lager Brewery "
Lonsdale & Adshead Lonsdale & Adshead "
Trouncer's Trouncer & Co "
Benskin's, Watford Benskins Brewery "
Weller's, Amersham W & G Weller "
Taylor Walker Taylor Walker & Co "
Black Eagle Black Eagle "


Hopcraft and Norris C&B "
Chesham, Chesham Chesham Brewery "




Walker's "
Ansells, Aston Cross Ansell's
Friary Friary, Holroyd and Healy's Breweries Friary Meux "
Meux Meux's Brewery
Thorne Brothers, London Thorne Brothers "
Thomas Ramsden Thomas Ramsden "
Blatch's, Theale Blatch's "
Greenalls, Warrington Greenall's
Shipstone's Shipstone's "
Davenport's Davenport's "
Dare's Dare's "
JW Lees JW Lees
Greenall's (pubs) Greenall's S&N
Usher's Ushers of Trowbridge " " Ushers of Trowbridge Wychwood
Gibbs Mew, Salisbury Gibbs Mew "
Gibbs Mew (pubs) Gibbs Mew Enterprise
Younger's, Edinburgh William Younger's Scottish Brewers Scottish & Newcastle Heineken
McEwan's, Edinburgh McEwan's
Red Tower, Manchester Red Tower Lager Brewery "
Newcastle, Newcastle Newcastle Brewery Company
Federation, Dunston Federation Brewery "
Home, Nottingham Home Brewery S&N
Matthew Brown Matthew Brown
Theakston's, Masham Theakston's " " Theakston's
Lightfoot Lightfoot "
Carlisle Carlisle State Brewery "
Caledonian, Edinburgh Lorimer & Clark Vaux Brewery Caledonian part-Heineken
S&N (pubs) S&N Spirit
Watney Mann (pubs) Watney Mann/Grand Met "
Courage (pubs) Courage Inntrepreneur Enterprise
Ballard's Ballard's
Bateman's Bateman's
Banks & Taylor Banks & Taylor/B&T
Daniel Batham Daniel Batham
Donnington, Donnington Donnington Brewery
Elgoods Elgoods
Everards Everards
Felinfoel Felinfoel
Frederic Robinson, Stockport Frederic Robinson
Fuller's, London Fuller, Smith & Turner
Gale's Gale's "
Greene King, Bury St Edmunds Greene King Greene King
Morland Morland Brewery|Morland Morland "
Saxby's "
Field's Field & Sons "
Wantage, Wantage Wantage Brewery "
Dymore-Brown Dymore-Brown & Sons
Field's Field & Sons
Hewett & Co Tower Steam Brewery
Ruddles, Oakham Langham Brewery Ruddles Watneys Grolsch "
Ridley's Ridley's
Cobbold Cobbold Brewery Tolly Cobbold "
Tollemache Tollemache Brewery
SA Paine's SA Paine "
Belhaven, Dunbar Belhaven
Hardy's, Kimberley William & Thomas Hardy Hardy & Hanson's
Hanson's, Kimberley Hanson's
Hall & Woodhouse Hall & Woodhouse
King & Barnes Barnes King & Barnes "
Harveys Harveys
Charles Wells, Bedford Charles Wells Wells and Young's
Young's, Wandsworth Young & Co
Courage, London John Courage Imperial Elders IXL/Fosters Courage S&N "
Courage, Reading Heineken
Barclay, Perkins & Co Barclay, Perkins & Co "
Georges, Bristol Georges, Rickettes & Sons Bristol Brewery Georges & Co "
Bristol United, Bristol Bristol United Breweries "
Simonds', Reading Simonds' Brewery "
Plymouth, Plymouth Plymouth Breweries "
John Smith's, Tadcaster John Smith's
Shaw's William Shaw "
Watneys James Watney Watney, Combe & Reid Watney Mann Grand Metropolitan
Combe Delafield Combe Delafield & Co
Reid's Reid and Co
Crowley's, Alton Crowley's "
Mann's Mann, Crossman & Paulin
Webster's, Halifax Samuel Webster
Stock's Joseph Stocks & Co "
Hey's J Hey & Co "
Phipps, Northampton Phipps Phipps NBC "
Ratliffe & Jeffery Ratliffe & Jeffery "


Hipwell's "
Castle T Manning "
Campbell Praed Campbell Praed "
Dulley's, Wellingborough Dulley's "


Northampton Brewery Co
Lion Lion Brewery Co "
Allen & Burnett Allen & Burnett "
Hope Hope Brewery "
Chouler & Company Chouler & Company "
Eady & Dulley Eady & Dulley "
Phillips Phillips "
Truman's, London Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co
Holdens Holdens
Hook Norton, Hook Norton Hook Norton Brewery
Hydes, Manchester Hydes
Holt's Joseph Holt
Banks', Wolverhampton Banks & Co Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Marston's
Thompson's, Dudley Dudley & Victoria
Smith's, Wolverhampton Smith's
Hanson's, Dudley Hanson's "


J. Marston Marston, Thompson & Evershed "
Thompson's, Burton John Thompson & Son "
Evershed's, Burton Evershed's "
Mansfield, Mansfield Mansfield Brewery "
Jennings, Cockermouth Jennings Brewery "
Wychwood, Witney Glenny Brewery Wychwood Brewery Refresh UK
Brakspear, Henley Brakspear "
Brakspear's (pubs) Brakspear's
Burtonwood, Burtonwood Burtonwood Brewery Burtonwood Thomas Hardy Thomas Hardy Ltd
Morrells, Oxford Morrell's Greene King
Thomas Hardy Eldridge Pope
Eldridge Pope (pubs) Eldridge Pope Marston's
Castle Eden Brewery, Castle Eden Castle Eden Whitbread Castle Eden W&D (Cameron's) "
Cameron's, Hartlepool Cameron's Ellerman Barclay Brothers W&D
McMullens McMullens
Bass (pubs) Bass pubs Six Continents Mitchells & Butlers


William Bass/Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Bass, Mitchells & Butlers Bass Charrington Interbrew Coors/Molson Coors
Walker's Walker's "
Thomas Salt Thomas Salt "
Worthington, Burton Worthington "
James Eadie James Eadie "
Tadcaster Twr, Tadcaster Tadcaster Tower Brewery "
Mitchell's, Smethwick Henry Mitchell Mitchells & Butlers
Butler's, Wolverhampton William Butler
Charrington's Charrington & Moss Charrington & Co Charrington United
John Jeffrey, Edinburgh John Jeffrey & Co UB/NB " C&C
Edinburgh Utd, Edinburgh Edinburgh United "
Hammond's, Bradford Hammond's
Hope & Anchor, Sheffield Hope & Anchor
Catterall's, Poulton Catterall & Swarbrick
Catterall's, Blackpool Catterall & Swarbrick
Tennent's Tennent's "
Stones, Sheffield William Stones " Interbrew/InBev
Hewitt Brothers Hewitt Brothers "
Henry Hall, Alton Henry Hall Courage " Coors/Molson Coors
Highgate, Walsall Highgate Brewery M&B/Bass Aston Manor Brewery Global Star
Okells Okells
Castletown Castletown "
Palmers JC & RH Palmer
Randalls Randalls
Shepherd Neame Shepherd Neame
Sam Smith's, Tadcaster Samuel Smith
St Austell,

St Austell

St Austell
Thwaites, Lancaster Thwaites
Lancaster, Lancaster Lancaster Brewery
Timothy Taylor Timothy Taylor
Traquair Traquair House
Vaux, Sunderland Vaux Brewery Double Maxim


Wards Brewing Company "
Wadworths, Devizes Wadworths