Tor–Kwerba–Nimboran languages

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(Western North Papuan)
New Guinea
Linguistic classificationNorth Papuan?
  • Tor–Kwerba–Nimboran

The Tor–Kwerba–Nimboran languages are a proposed family of about two dozen Papuan languages.


With the addition of the Nimboran languages, Tor–Kwerba–Nimboran makes up the western branch of Usher's North Papuan family.

Foley (2018) classifies Tor–Kwerba, Nimboran, and Mawes each as separate language families likely unrelated to each other.[1]

Typological overview[edit]

Even though grammatical gender is present in Tor-Kwerba languages, there is no overt gender marking on nouns.[1]


Reconstructed proto-Tor-Kwerba independent pronouns are:[1]

Proto-Tor-Kwerba independent pronouns
sg pl
1 *ati ~ *ait *ne(n)
2 *ame *ame


Reconstructed proto-Tor-Kwerba words that are widely distributed throughout the family:[1]

  • *nukwe ‘eye’
  • *tVn ‘leg’
  • *nen ‘louse’
  • *uŋis ‘sky’
  • *ti ~ *it ‘tree’


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