Trạng Quỳnh

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Trạng Quỳnh is a cunning character from traditional Vietnamese folk tales.[1][2][3]


  1. ^ Witty Tales from Asia Catherine GS Lim & Chong Kum Fatt - 2002 Trang Quynh, who happened to be there, walked up to the peaches, seized one and bit into it delightfully. "Catch that rascal and decapitate him!" the infuriated king commanded. When the guards came for him, Trang Quynh cried bitterly.
  2. ^ Truyện dân gian Việt Nam: song ngữ - Page 257 Văn Thá̆ng Võ, Jim Lawson - 2001 "accounts of the doings of Trang Quynh are among the most loved of the tales in the treasury of Vietnamese humour. They tell of the many ways he teased or tricked the common people, the authorities, and even the gods."
  3. ^ Vietnamese Communism, 1925-1945 - Page 28 Hyunh Kim Khanh, Kim Khánh Huỳnh - 1982 "Folk tales about Mac Dinh Chi or Trang Quynh outwitting Chinese emperors or envoys are often recited, arousing ethnic pride. Vietnamese who resisted foreign aggressors are venerated as national heroes; collaborators are reviled as villains ..."