Trịnh Khải

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Trịnh Khải
Trịnh lords
Lord of Tonkin
Trịnh Khải.png
Trịnh Lords
PredecessorTrịnh Cán
SuccessorTrịnh Bồng
Full name
Trịnh Tông (鄭棕)
Trịnh Khải (鄭楷)
Regnal name
Đoan Nam Vương (端南王)
HouseTrịnh Lords
FatherTrịnh Sâm
MotherDương Thị Ngọc Hoan

Đoan Nam Vương Trịnh Khải (chữ Hán: 鄭楷, 1763-1786) was one of the Trịnh lords in northern Vietnam.[1] He fought against the armies of the infant Trịnh Cán to win leadership of the northern warlords (reigning 29 November 1782 - July 1786), but was himself defeated by the southern warlord, later emperor Nguyễn Huệ. Trịnh Khải later committed suicide.[2] He was succeeded by the last of the lords, Trịnh Bồng.


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Vietnamese royalty
Preceded by
Trịnh Cán
Trịnh lords
Lord of Tonkin

Succeeded by
Trịnh Bồng