Transportation in Visalia

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Transportation in Visalia
OwnerVisalia Transit, Caltrans, and the state of California
LocaleThe City of Visalia and surrounding cities in Tulare County
Transit typeBuses, private automobile, airplane, taxicab, bicycle, pedestrian
Operator(s)Visalia Transit, Tulare County Area Transit (TCAT), Sequoia Shuttle, The Loop, Dial-A-Ride, Visalia Towne Trolley, AMTRAK, and private operators

The intercity transportation system in Visalia serves as a regional hub for passenger and freight traffic in the Sequoia Valley, composed of freeways, roads, and bus lines.

Air transportation[edit]

In the Visalia metropolitan area there is one commercial airport and many general-aviation airports.

The primary Visalia airport is Visalia Municipal Airport.

Other nearby commercial airports include: Fresno Yosemite International Airport (serves the San Joaquin Valley) and Meadows Field Airport (serves the South Valley).

Some general-aviation airports include: Sequoia Field, Exeter Airport, Woodlake Airport, Porterville Municipal Airport, and Mefford Field.

Land transportation[edit]

The City of Visalia is served by a network of freeways, streets, and local and regional public transportation systems.


Freeways of Visalia include:

Highways of Visalia include:

Public Transportation[edit]