Trava: Fist Planet

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Trava: Fist Planet
GenreScience fiction
Original video animation
Directed byTakeshi Koike
Produced byMasao Maruyama
Written byKatsuhito Ishii
Music byMorgan Fisher
Runtime15 minutes (each)
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Trava: Fist Planet is an anime OVA released by Grasshopa!, written by Katsuhito Ishii and directed by Takeshi Koike.


Trava: Fist Planet tells the story of Trava and Shinkai as they travel to finish surveying an unknown and possibly dangerous planet. Trava is an ex-military Power user, which is a form of mech-ship that enhances the pilot's abilities. Shinkai, the engineer, maintains the survey ship and Trava's Power. They hope to earn enough cash to enter Fist Planet, a Power fighting tournament with a grand prize of credits measured in billions. Before they can get to that, they must first deal with an amnesiac girl named Mikuru, a giant named Reiter, and a horde of insectoid killer-robots.[citation needed]

Trava and Shinkai also appear as racers in Madhouse's 2009 film Redline.

Sequel Preview[edit]

A sequel titled 'Episode 2' surfaced online depicting an older Trava and Shinkai finally entering the Power Tournament in Fist Planet only to be intercepted by the duo of Mikuru, the amnesiac princess and her guardian, the giant warrior Reiter now modified with cybernetics. The animosity between the two groups escalates and ends with Trava and Reiter in a showdown at the arena of Fist Planet with Mikuru and Shinkai battling for who will be the best mechanic in the arena.


Daryl Surat praised Trava's "snappy dialogue" and "wild and crazy camera angles".[1] Mike Toole considered it "colorful and weird - Koike is at his kaleidoscopic, kinetic best".[2]


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