Truyện Trinh thử

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Trinh thử (, "The Virgin Mouse") by Hò̂ Huyè̂n Qui is a 15th-century Vietnamese Nôm poem in 850 lines in lục bát verse.[1][2]


  1. ^ The evolution of Vietnamese literature: from Nom to romanized ... Page 6 Horizons (Saigon). - 1956 "Early in the XVth century this literary self-assertion becomes more pronounced with the verses of Ho Huyen Qui's « Truyen trinh Thu » (the virgin mouse) : the Vietnamese thought begins to burst out of its Chinese matrix.
  2. ^ Vák: a review of literature & the arts - Numéros 1 à 3 - Page 52 1958 "It was in about the fifteenth century that Vietnamese literature began actually to disengage itself from the Chinese manner. A sort of literary self-assertion can be detected in Ho-huyen-Qui's Truyen Trinh Thu (or The Virgin Mouse)."