Turama–Kikorian languages

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Rumu – Omati River
New Guinea
Linguistic classificationPapuan Gulf ?
  • Kikorian
    • Turama–Kikorian
Turama-Kikorian languages.svg
Map: The Turama–Kikorian languages of New Guinea
  The Turama–Kikorian languages
  Trans–New Guinea languages
  Other Papuan languages
  Austronesian languages

The Turama–Kikorian languages are a family identified by Arthur Capell (1962) and part of the Trans–New Guinea languages (TNG) family in the classifications of Stephen Wurm (1975) and Malcolm Ross (2005). The family is named after the Turama River and Kikori River of southern Papua New Guinea.

The four languages are clearly related, though Rumu is divergent. Ross states that Rumu links the other (Turama) languages to TNG.

  • Turama–Kikorian family


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