Turkmen Air Force

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Turkmen Air Force
Roundel of Turkmenistan.svg
Turkmenistan Air Force roundel
Country Turkmenistan
BranchAir force
RoleAerial defense
Size3,000 personnel, 72 aircraft
Colors               Yellow, Blue, White
Commander-in-chiefGurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
Flag of the Turkmenistan Air Forces.svg

The Turkmen Air Force is the air force branch of the armed forces of Turkmenistan. It was formed from former Soviet Air Forces units within that region of the Turkestan Military District. The Turkmen Air Force inherited some 300 Soviet aircraft, and has pilots trained in Ukraine.[1]


The IISS in 2012 said the Air Force had 3,000 personnel with 94 combat capable aircraft.[2]

The total number of aircraft is around 72[3] It said there were two fighter/ground attack squadrons with MiG-29/MiG-29UB (total of 24 both types), Sukhoi Su-17 Fitter-Bs (65) and two Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoots (with 41 more being refurbished). It reported one transport squadron with Antonov An-26 'Curl' (1), and Mi-8s and Mi-24s (8 and 10 listed in service respectively). Training units had Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter-As (3 listed in service) and L-39 Albatros. Air defence missile units had SA-2, SA-3, and SA-5.

Current inventory[edit]

An Air Force Antonov An-74TK-200
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
MiG-29 Russia multirole 24[3]
Sukhoi Su-25 Russia attack 20[3]
Diamond DA42 Austria observation MPP 5[4][5][6]
Antonov An-26 Russia transport 1[3]
Antonov An-74 Russia heavy transport 2[3]
Mil Mi-17 Russia utility 15[3]
Mil Mi-24 Russia attack 10[3]
AgustaWestland AW109 Italy attack / utility 3[6][7]
Unmanned aerial vehicles
Selex ES Falco Italy UAV XN 3 Purchased in 2011 for €8.7 million.[8][9][10][11]


  • 99th Aviation Base (former 67th Mixed Aviation Regiment) (Mary-2 airbase) with MiG-29 and Su-25.[12]
  • 47th Separate Mixed Aviation Squadron (Аk-Tepe/Ashkabad) with Аn-26/24, Mi-24 and Mi-8.
  • 107th Fighter Aviation Regiment (Ak-Tepe) with 38 MiG-23 and 20 MiG-25 (not operational).
  • 31st Separate Aviation Squadron (Chardzhou/Turkmenabad) with MiG-21, Su-7, L-39, Yak-28 and Аn-12 (not operational). Former 366th Independent Helicopter Squadron.
  • 55th Fighter Aviation Regiment (Balkanabat) with MiG-23М (not operational). Former 179th Fighter Aviation Regiment.
  • 56th Storage Base (Kyzyl-Arvat) with MiG-23. Former 217th Fighter/Bomber Aviation Regiment.
  • 1st Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment 'Turkmenbashi' (Bikrova/Ashkabad) with 2K11 Krug.
  • 2nd Radio-Technical Brigade.


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