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U.S. Route 25W marker

U.S. Route 25W
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 25
Maintained by KYTC and TDOT
Length145.7 mi[citation needed][2][3][4] (234.5 km)
ExistedNovember 26, 1926[1]–present
Major junctions
South end US 25 / US 25E / US 70 at Newport, TN
North end US 25 / US 25E at North Corbin, KY
CountiesTN: Cocke, Jefferson, Sevier, Knox, Anderson, Campbell
KY: Whitley, Laurel
Highway system

U.S. Route 25W (US 25W) is the western branch of U.S. Route 25 from Newport, Tennessee, where US 25 splits into US 25E and US 25W, to North Corbin, Kentucky, where the two highways rejoin.

US 25W has been included in the U.S. Highway System since the system's inception in 1926.

Route description[edit]


Tennessee welcome sign ("Tennessee welcomes you") at the Tennessee–Kentucky state line in Jellico, Tennessee.

US 25W and US 25E splits at Newport, Tennessee. While US 25E goes on a northerly path towards Morristown, US 25W goes more of a westerly path to cross I-40, and to go through Dandridge, and cross I-40 for a second time. For all of its course from Newport to the east side of Knoxville, it runs concurrently with US 70. It then runs concurrently with I-640 for about two-thirds of its course around the city. It departs I-640 and the city of Knoxville, and goes furthern northwest to Clinton, in Anderson County. It goes on a concurrent run with I-75 from Rocky Top (formerly Lake City) into Campbell County. It then goes through the towns of LaFollette and Jellico.[2] US 25W carries the secret designation of Tennessee State Route 9 for its entire course through the state.


Upon entry into Whitley County, Kentucky, US 25W runs parallel with and closely follow I-75 for the rest of its course, including the points where it traverses the towns of Williamsburg and Corbin. It terminates at North Corbin, where US 25E and US 25W reunites to become US 25 north of Corbin. However, US 25E continues west of this point to terminate at exit 29 of I-75 in southern Laurel County.[5][6]


US 25W originally ran the current routing of Kentucky Route 26, and KY 90 terminated in downtown Corbin. KY 26 originally ran to KY 90 west of Corbin.[7] At sometime in the 1940s, US 25W was rerouted to its current alignment to provide easier access to Cumberland Falls, and KY 26 ran US 25W's original course between Corbin and Williamsburg.[8][9]

Major intersections[edit]

TennesseeCockeNewport0.000.00 US 25E north (Dixie Highway/SR 32) / US 25 south / US 70 east (W Broadway Street/SR 9/SR 32/SR 35) – Newport, MorristownSouthern terminus; US 25W south and US 25E merge to form US 25; southern end of SR 9/SR 35 concurrency
I-40 – Knoxville, Asheville (NC)I-40 exit 432
US 411 south (SR 35) – SeviervilleNorthern terminus of US 411; northern end of SR 35 concurrency
Jefferson SR 363 west (Indian Creek Road)Eastern terminus of SR 363
SR 113 north to I-40 – White Pine, MorristownSouthern terminus of SR 113
Dandridge SR 66 north (Valley Home Road) – MorristownSouthern end of SR 66 wrong-way concurrency
SR 92 south (Gay Street) to SR 139 – Chestnut HillSouthern end of SR 92 concurrency
SR 92 north to I-40 – Jefferson CityNorthern end of SR 92 concurrency
I-40 / SR 66 south to I-81 – Knoxville, BristolI-40 exit 415; northern end of SR 66 wrong-way concurrency
Strawberry Plains SR 139 north (Old Dandridge Pike) – Strawberry PlainsSouthern end of SR 139 concurrency
Sevier SR 139 south (Douglas Dam Road) – Kodak, SeviervilleNorthern end of SR 139 concurrency
KnoxTrentville US 11E north (Andrew Johnson Highway/SR 34) – Strawberry Plains, New Market, Jefferson CityAccess to US 11E accessible from US 25W/US 70 east only; southern end of US 11E concurrency; Unsigned SR 9 becomes a primary route
Knoxville SR 168 west (Governor John Sevier Highway) – South KnoxvilleSouthern end of SR 168 concurrency
I-40 east / US 11E south / US 70 west (Asheville Highway/SR 168) – Asheville, Downtown KnoxvilleI-40 exit 394; northern end of US 11E/US 70/SR 168 concurrency; southern end of I-40 concurrency
I-40 west – KnoxvilleNorthern end of I-40 concurrency; eastern terminus of I-640; southern end of I-640 concurrency; I-40 Exit 393
Washington Pike/Mall Road/Millertown PikeI-640 exit 8; provides access to Knoxville Center (East Towne Mall)
US 441 / SR 33 (Broadway/SR 71) / SR 331 (Old Broadway) – Knoxville, Fountain CityI-640 exit 6
I-75 north / I-275 south – Downtown Knoxville, Lexington (KY)I-275 exit 3; I-75 exit 106; southern end of I-75 concurrency; northern terminus of I-275
I-75 south / I-640 west – Chattanooga, NashvilleNorthern end of I-640 and I-75 concurrencies; I-75/640 exit 3A
Powell SR 131 north (Powell Drive) – Halls CrossroadsSouthern end of SR 131 concurrency
SR 131 south (West Emory Road) – KarnsNorthern end of SR 131 concurrency
AndersonClaxton SR 170 (Edgemoor Road/Raccoon Valley Road) – Oak Ridge, Heiskell
Clinton SR 61 (Charles G. Seivers Blvd) to I-75 – Norris, Oak RidgeUnsigned SR 9 becomes a secondary route
Rocky Top SR 116 south (Creek Street) – BricevilleSouthern end of SR 116 concurrency
US 441 south (Norris Freeway/SR 71) – Norris, Norris Lake, Norris DamNorthern terminus of US 441
I-75 south / SR 116 north (Main Street) – Knoxville, CaryvilleI-75 exit 129; northern end of SR 116 concurrency; southern end of I-75 concurrency
CampbellCaryville I-75 north / SR 63 west – LexingtonI-75 exit 134; northern end of I-75 concurrency; southern end of SR 63 concurrency
SR 116 south (John McGhee Boulevard) – Rocky TopNorthern terminus of SR 116
LaFollette SR 63 east (E Central Avenue) – HarrogateNorthern end of SR 63 concurrency
Morley SR 90 east – White Oak, Eagan, Clairfield, Middlesboro, KYWestern terminus of SR 90
Jellico I-75 – Knoxville, LexingtonI-75 exit 160
SR 297 south (S Main Street) – Newcomb, Elk Valley, Pioneer, HuntsvilleNorthern terminus of SR 297
State line

Tennessee–Kentucky state line
Northern end of SR 9 concurrency
KentuckyWhitley0.4850.781 KY 1804 northSouthern terminus of KY 1804
Saxton3.3795.438 KY 2996 west (West Creek-Saxton Road)Eastern terminus of KY 2996
3.5075.644 KY 1804 southNorthern terminus of KY 1084
Pleasant View6.81910.974 KY 628 westEastern terminus of KY 628
Williamsburg10.92317.579 KY 92 west to I-75 – Pine KnotSouthern end of KY 92 concurrency
Bridge over Cumberland River
11.53318.561 KY 92 east – PinevilleNorthern end of KY 92 concurrency
12.12519.513 KY 858 northSouthern terminus of KY 858
12.31919.826 KY 296 west – Downtown Williamsburg, University of the CumberlandsSouthern end of KY 296 concurrency
12.42219.991 KY 296 eastNorthern end of KY 296 concurrency
13.69422.038 KY 858 southNorthern terminus of KY 858
14.12722.735 KY 26 northSouthern terminus of KY 26
I-75 – Lexington, KnoxvilleI-75 exit 15
17.71828.514 KY 836 eastWestern terminus of KY 836
18.78930.238 KY 204 east – Williamsburg/Cumberland Falls AirportWestern terminus of KY 204
KY 90 Spur west to KY 90 west
Eastern terminus of KY 90 Spur
22.24235.795 KY 90 west – Cumberland Falls S.R.P.Eastern terminus of KY 90
23.66638.087 KY 511 east – RockholdsWestern terminus of KY 511
24.86140.010 KY 1193 north (Walker Branch Road) – Laurel River LakeSouthern terminus of KY 1193
28.24445.454 KY 727 east – CorbinWestern terminus of KY 727
Corbin29.55147.558 I-75 south – KnoxvilleExit 25 from I-75 south and ramps to I-75 south
29.62847.682 I-75 north – London, LexingtonExit 25 from I-75 north and ramps to I-75 north
30.42548.964 KY 3041 eastWestern terminus of KY 3041
30.79549.560 KY 1259 westWestern terminus of KY 1259
32.11551.684 KY 26 south – WilliamsburgNorthern terminus of KY 26
32.97753.071 KY 727 west (Fourth Street)Eastern terminus of KY 727
33.27853.556 KY 312 westSouthern end of KY 312 concurrency
33.46453.855 KY 312 eastNorthern end of KY 312 concurrency
LaurelCorbin34.14254.946 KY 830 west (Colonel Street)Eastern terminus of KY 830
34.16854.988 KY 1223 northSouthern terminus of KY 1223
North Corbin34.30855.213 KY 3431 northSouthern terminus of KY 3431
34.79956.004 US 25 north / US 25E (Cumberland Gap Parkway) to I-75 – London, Barbourville, Cumberland GapNorthern terminus; continues as US 25
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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