Ukraine of the Future

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Ukraine of the Future

Україна Майбутнього
Founded2008 (2008)
Political positionCentre
International affiliationLiberal International (observer)

Ukraine of the Future (Ukrainian: Україна Майбутнього) is a political party in Ukraine registered in July 2008.[1] The party is led by former BYuT lawmaker Sviatoslav Oliynyk.[1][2] During the 2010 local elections, the party only took part in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, but it does so nationwide since the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[2][3]


The party was created in 2007. In 2012 Ukraine of the Future became member of the Liberal International [4] During the 2010 Ukrainian local elections the party won 4 representatives in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council (regional parliament) and 4 seats in the city council of Dnipropetrovsk.[5] In the simultaneously held elected for Dnipropetrovsk Mayor the parties candidate, Svyatoslav Oliynyk, finished second with 16.1%.[6] (He lost this election to Ivan Kulichenko of Party of Regions who scored 40,1%.[6])

In the 2012 parliamentary elections the party did not spend anything on campaigning and but still managed to take the 15th place among the 21 parties who participated on the nationwide list with 0.18% of the votes.[7] But since their win was far below the 5% election threshold[8] and they won no constituencies (party had competed in 17 constituencies[9]) they thus failed to win parliamentary representation.[10][11] Oliynyk headed the party list of the party during these elections.[12]

The party did participate in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election, and again did not win seats.[3]

Party overview[edit]

  • The president of the party - Svyatoslav Oliynyk
  • The first vice-president of the party - Andriy Zyuz
  • The vice-president of the party - Denys Borysenko
  • The international secretary of the party - Anna Zakletska-Burak

The main values of the party - freedom, solidarity, tolerance, private property protection and responsibility. The new liberal party program called "Freedom For Development" was adopted by the party Congress in 2011. Since that time "Ukraine Of The Future" has applied for the membership in the international liberal communities - Liberal International and the European Liberal Democrats and Reform party. Since October, 2012, "Ukraine Of The Future" is an observer member of the LI (Liberal International).

"Ukraine Of The Future's" priorities are: - freedom of every individual in all spheres of life - protection of the human rights - open and competitive market based on liberal economy principles - protection of private property and decreasing the role of state to the serving mechanism but not the monopolist and authoritariang regulative monster - education reform based on exchange programs and the programs which will reveal talents from the early childhood and will be able to develop them so that the person can fulfill maximum skills and dreams - environment protection, alternative energy systems, recycling and utilization industry programs - encouragement of philanthropy and charity on legislative level - tax reform which will make it possible to legalize the shadow economy, will fill the budget and make it work for the society needs - adaptation of public places for people with special needs and disabilities - LGBTI rights protection*

  • Party is cooperating with the LGBTI organizations worldwide, and is completely against the new bill of the Ukrainian Parliament concerning the LGBT people of Ukraine. The members of the party are convinced that all people, no matter what if their choice in religion, sexual life, other personal preferences are to be equal in opportunities to work, to express themselves, to develop, to be happy in the way they want as long as this choice doesn't damage someone else's freedom.


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