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LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates16°31′26″S 167°49′52″E / 16.524°S 167.831°E / -16.524; 167.831Coordinates: 16°31′26″S 167°49′52″E / 16.524°S 167.831°E / -16.524; 167.831
ArchipelagoVanuatu, Maskelyne Islands
ProvinceMalampa Province

Uluveo Island (also called Maskelyne) is a small inhabited island in Malampa Province of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean.[1] It is a part of the Maskelyne Islands archipelago.[2]


Uluveo lies off the south coast of Malekula Island and Sakao Island. There are an upscale resort there and a sanctuary for giant clams (Ringi Te Suh Marine Conservation Reserve).[3]


Uluveo is the main island in the archipelago and has three villages: Lutes, Pellonk, and Peskarus. Some local people speak Uluveo language.[4]


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