Union (Star Wars)

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Star Wars - Union 01.jpg
Cover of the first issue
Publication information
Publishing companyDark Horse Comics
SubjectStar Wars
GenreScience fiction
Release date(s)November 1, 1999 - February 1, 2000
CountryUnited States
Expanded Universe
EraNew Galactic Republic
Galactic Year20 ABY
Preceded byApocalypse Endor
Followed byChewbacca
Script writerMichael A. Stackpole
Cover artist(s)Duncan Fegredo (paint, issue #1), Chris Dutkiewicz (gold logo variant, issue #4)
Publisher(s)Dark Horse Comics

Union is a four-issue Star Wars comic miniseries written by Michael A. Stackpole. It takes place about 20 years after the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and chronicles the dangers and trials leading up to Luke Skywalker's wedding to Mara Jade.

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