1972 United States House of Representatives elections in North Carolina

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Of the 11 North Carolina incumbents, 8 were re-elected.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Walter B. Jones Sr. Democratic 1966 Incumbent re-elected. Walter B. Jones Sr. (Democratic) 68.8%
J. Jordan Bonner (Republican) 31.2%
North Carolina 2 Lawrence H. Fountain Democratic 1952 Incumbent re-elected. Lawrence H. Fountain (Democratic) 71.6%
Erick P. Little (Republican) 28.4%
North Carolina 3 David N. Henderson Democratic 1960 Incumbent re-elected. David N. Henderson (Democratic) Unopposed
North Carolina 4 Nick Galifianakis Democratic 1966 Retired to run for U.S. Senator.
New member elected.
Democratic hold.
Ike Franklin Andrews (Democratic) 50.4%
Jack Hawke (Republican) 49.6%
North Carolina 5 Wilmer Mizell Republican 1968 Incumbent re-elected. Wilmer Mizell (Republican) 64.8%
Brooks Hays (Democratic) 35.2%
North Carolina 6 L. Richardson Preyer Democratic 1968 Incumbent re-elected. L. Richardson Preyer (Democratic) 93.9%
Lynwood Bullock (American) 6.1%
North Carolina 7 Alton Lennon Democratic 1956 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic hold.
Charlie Rose (Democratic) 60.4%
Jerry C. Scott (Republican) 38.7%
Alvis H. Ballard (American) 0.9%
North Carolina 8 Earl B. Ruth Republican 1968 Incumbent re-elected. Earl B. Ruth (Republican) 60.2%
Richard Clark (Democratic) 39.8%
North Carolina 9 Charles R. Jonas Republican 1952 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Republican hold.
James G. Martin (Republican) 58.9%
James Beatty (Democratic) 41.1%
North Carolina 10 James T. Broyhill Republican 1962 Incumbent re-elected. James T. Broyhill (Republican) 72.5%
Paul L. Beck (Democratic) 27.5%
North Carolina 11 Roy A. Taylor Democratic 1960 Incumbent re-elected. Roy A. Taylor (Democratic) 59.6%
Jesse I. Ledbetter (Republican) 40.4%

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