1932 United States Senate election in Arizona

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United States Senate election in Arizona, 1932

← 1926 November 8, 1932 1938 →
  Carl Hayden.jpg Senator Ralph Cameron.jpg
Nominee Carl Hayden Ralph H. Cameron
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 74,310 35,737
Percentage 66.67% 32.06%

U.S. Senator before election

Carl Hayden

Elected U.S. Senator

Carl Hayden

The 1932 United States Senate elections in Arizona took place on November 8, 1932. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Carl Hayden ran for reelection to a second term, again defeating his 1926 challenger former U.S. Senator Ralph H. Cameron in the general election.[1]

Hayden, then U.S. Congressman for Arizona's at-large Congressional district, was elected to his first term in 1926 when he defeated the incumbent Cameron, and would be successfully reelected to his second term in a rematch in 1932, by a wide margin. Candidates from the Socialist and Communist Parties also ran in the election, but did not garner much support, barely registering at 1% or less. This would be Cameron's final attempt at returning to the U.S. Senate, leaving Arizona soon after, and living for a time in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles.[2]

Democratic primary[edit]

The Democratic primary was held on September 8, 1932. Incumbent U.S. Senator Carl T. Hayden received significant opposition in the primary from Harlow W. Akers, an attorney. Hayden went on to win his party's nomination, however.


  • Carl T. Hayden, incumbent U.S. Senator
  • Harlow W. Akers, attorney
  • William J. Fellows
  • Walter H. Colyar, Salt River valley miner


Democratic primary results[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Carl T. Hayden 38,924 48.45%
Democratic Harlow W. Akers 30,802 38.34%
Democratic William J. Fellows 6,449 8.03%
Democratic Walter H. Colyar 4,161 5.18%
Total votes 80,336 100.00

Republican primary[edit]


  • Ralph H. Cameron, former U.S. Senator
  • Hoval A. Smith, candidate for U.S. Senate in 1912


Republican primary results[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Ralph H. Cameron 10,350 59.30%
Republican Hoval A. Smith 7,105 40.71%
Total votes 17,455 100.00

General election[edit]

United States Senate election in Arizona, 1932[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Carl T. Hayden 74,310 66.67%
Republican Ralph H. Cameron 35,737 32.06%
Socialist Lester B. Woolever 1,110 1.00%
Communist Edward Haustgen 306 0.28%
Majority 38,573 34.61%
Turnout 111,463
Democratic gain from Republican Swing

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