1936 United States Senate special election in Minnesota

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United States Senate special election in Minnesota, 1936

← 1930 November 3, 1936 1936 →
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Nominee Guy V. Howard N. J. Holmberg
Party Republican Independent
Popular vote 317,457 210,364
Percentage 42.89% 28.42%

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Nominee Andrew Olaf Devold John G. Alexander
Party Independent Independent
Popular vote 147,858 64,493
Percentage 19.98% 8.71%

County Results:

Howard:      30-40%      40-50%      50-60%      60-70%
Holmberg:      30-40%
Devold:      30-40%
Tie:      Howard/Holmberg 30-40%

U.S. Senator before election

Elmer A. Benson

Elected U.S. Senator

Guy V. Howard

The 1936 United States Senate special election in Minnesota took place on November 3, 1936. The election was held to fill the vacancy in the seat formerly held by Thomas D. Schall for the final two months of Schall's unexpired term. Governor Floyd B. Olson had appointed Elmer Benson to fill the seat in 1935, but this appointment was temporary and subject to a special election held in the next general election year thereafter—1936. Benson opted to run for governor instead of running for election to continue for the remainder of the term. No special primaries were held for the special election, and, among Minnesota's three major parties, only the Republican Party of Minnesota officially fielded a candidate—Guy V. Howard. Regardless of the absence of Farmer-Labor and Democratic nominees, Howard nevertheless faced a great degree of competition from independent candidates Nathaniel J. Holmberg, Andrew Olaf Devold, and John G. Alexander.


Special election[edit]


Special election results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Guy V. Howard 317,457 42.89%
Independent N. J. Holmberg 210,364 28.42%
Independent Andrew Olaf Devold 147,858 19.98%
Independent John G. Alexander 64,493 8.71%
Total votes 740,172 100.00%
Majority 107,093 14.47%
Republican gain from Farmer–Labor

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