1976 United States presidential election in South Dakota

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United States presidential election in South Dakota, 1976

← 1972 November 2, 1976 1980 →
  Gerald Ford, official Presidential photo.jpg Carter cropped.jpg
Nominee Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Michigan Georgia
Running mate Bob Dole Walter Mondale
Electoral vote 4 0
Popular vote 151,505 147,068
Percentage 50.39% 48.91%

South Dakota Gubernatorial Election Results by County,1976.png

President before election

Gerald Ford

Elected President

Jimmy Carter

The 1976 United States presidential election in South Dakota was held on November 2, 1976. Incumbent President Gerald Ford won the state of South Dakota, defeating Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter by a slim margin of 1.48 percentage points.[1] Ford won all of South Dakota's four electoral votes, but lost the general election to Carter.

South Dakota weighed in as 4% more Republican than the national average. As of the 2016 presidential election, this is the last election in which Codington County, Edmunds County, Faulk County, Gregory County, and McCook County voted for the Democratic candidate. This is also the last time a Democrat won any of South Dakota's congressional districts, namely the 1st, as both it and the 2nd would be eliminated after the 1980 census.


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