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University of Health Sciences Antigua
University of Health Sciences Antigua Logo.png
MottoDeo et Patriae
Motto in English
God and Country
ChairmanDeborah Akande, DDS, C.Dir
ProvostManuel Flores, MD
Colors     Maroon

The University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) is a private, for-profit medical school located in Dowhill near Falmouth, Antigua, in the Caribbean. UHSA confers upon its graduates the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.[1]


UHSA was established in 1982 and began instruction in 1983.[1] The Dowhill campus is located about 12 miles (19 km) from the capital city of St. John's. Formerly a NASA tracking station, the university is located on a 50-acre (200,000 m2) area within the Historical National Park area of English Harbour.[2]


The Doctor of Medicine program at UHSA is a four-year course of study that consists of two semesters per calendar year. Semesters 1–4 are basic sciences semesters that are completed at the university's Antigua campus. The remainder of the program consists of clinical clerkships at affiliated hospitals in the United States, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and China.[3]

Government recognition[edit]

UHSA is recognised by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.[4] Because of this recognition, the university is listed in the FAIMER International Medical Education Directory (IMED).[1] It is also listed in the AVICENNA Directory for medicine.[5]

Licensure restrictions[edit]

In the United States, the medical boards of the following states have listed UHSA as an institution whose graduates are ineligible for licensure:

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