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Even the mundane task of washing dishes by hand is an example of the small tasks and personal activities that once filled people's daily lives with a sense of achievement.

Hello, my name is 3RDRANGER (well, my real name is Alex) and I'm just an editor on Wikipedia. Wherever I see the need for edits to be made, mainly on pages missing important templates and/or stub articles, I'll be sure to put them in.

I'm from Canada, and I'm currently a university student. I've edited for a long time on wikis run by Wikia (or FANDOM as it's now called) using the exact same username, but I thought that it'd be time for me to move to edit on the what can be considered the "mother" of all wikis.

This userpage will be kept as simple as possible for now. Maybe I'll learn some ways to make it more interesting (like how some of the older and higher-level users have for their userpages) in the future.

Have a nice day!


My edits are currently focused on creating navigational boxes (templates) for bands and artists that don't have them, then putting them at the bottom of their articles and articles about their albums and whatnot. As well, I have been working on creating categories for the albums and EPs of bands and artists that don't have them.


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