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Antonio Martin (born August 13, 1972 in San Juan, Republic of Puerto Rico), is a former amateur boxer, actor, wikipedian, professional model and boxing writer. Among the things Antonio Martin loves are his family, airplanes, boxing, music, movies, acting, writing, friends and women. His ex girlfriends or significant girls in his life include Thelvenetsy Hernandez, Loyda Morales, Rosemary Guerrero (a Mexican-American), Jennifer Gibson and Amna Zamir, a native of Pakistan.

Antonio Martin with Pedro Montanez at Montanez's house in 1985.
Antonio Martin with Samuel Serrano in 1984

At age 9, he was diagnosed with diabetes. However, this hasn't deterred the positive spirited Antonio to live a full life with as much fun as possible.

Most of his teenage years, Antonio lived at Bonneville Apartments in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

At age 12, Antonio entered a boxing ring for the first time in his life, but after receiving a few good punches, he thought it over and gave it up, and started to pursue an acting career. He did not abandon the gym before having a tremendous fight with a guy named Rafael, in Cayey, however...the fight in 1986 between Antonio and Rafael inside that ring was so good, a lot of people who saw it said they reminded them of Rocky and Drago in Rocky IV. They were Antonio's nine longest minutes of his life, and in round three, they even wrestled each other to the floor, where they kept on hitting each other until separated, and then promptly went back to swinging at each other with everything they had but while on their feet. The fight was declared a draw by everyone who saw it, but Antonio is very proud to have been a participant of it even if it was only a 'draw'. After moving to Caguas, Antonio went back to the gym in Cayey to say goodbye to everyone, and there it was :a picture on the wall depicting Antonio and Rafael swinging at each other..:)

In Cayey, Antonio was the leader of a group named the "T-Birds", after the gang portrayed in the movies Grease and Grease 2. His girlfriend Thelvenetsy Hernandez was likewise the leader of "The Pink Ladies".

It should be mentioned also, that in Cayey, Antonio tasted musical fame for the first time. His girl-friend Thelvenetsy had a school band. It included her friends Hilda Rodriguez, Ana and Carmen Rivera. She wanted to spend more time with Antonio and she attended his boxing training sessions at the municipal gym in Cayey. So she wanted him to do the same for her and he started attending her band's practices all the time after which she asked him to join it. With Antonio becoming the first-and only-male member of "The Fantastic Five", he enjoyed wild popularity among the girls at Benigno Fernandez Garcia middle school in Cayey. The group actually released a poster once, which was widely distributed in the school. Antonio (bad boy pose) laying back against a tree, Thelvenetsy hugging his neck and the other girls sitting in front of them on the ground.

Edwin "El Chapo" Rosario with Antonio in 1984

Antonio has been in many plays, and in 1998 earned a model's degree from John Casablancas', hoping this would help his career move forward. It didn't, but in 2001 he was able to find a small job in one major film, Eight Legged Freaks. Incidentally, Antonio also appeared, as an un-paid extra, in the 1982 film Una Aventura Llamada Menudo, during the film's last scene at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

For a short time, long haired Antonio was also a member of a teen band that had 7 boys, all but one boy residents of Bonneville Apartments in Caguas. The band was named "Corporation S.O.S." and included Antonio, his brother Jose, drummer Josue Rivera, guitarist Marcos Padilla Jr., Eduardo Montanez, bassist Carmelo Lopez and Juan "Junior" Diaz. Although they all sang lead at various songs, Antonio was the main lead singer, and the band tasted a small measure of popularity among girls around their small town. But they couldn't go forward and shortly they broke up , remaining just as friends. Since , Josue Rivera was rumored to have passed away, but he is alive.

The rationale for the band's name was that "as a corporation (we) all do different things in the group. And we are here to save Spanish rock music and sing it the way it's supposed to be (thus S.O.S. was added)".

On April 29, 1990, Antonio was involved in an emergency landing at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, incoming from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Upon approach, he and the other passengers were ordered on a head between the knees landing position. The Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 then had a hard landing and many overhead bins opened roughly. Firemen trucks were awaiting the plane on the runway, nevertheless the plane landed safely and everyone was uninjured. The plane was later towed to a maintenance hangar. Eastern's employees told passengers that due to a major congestion at the Atlanta airport the Eastern jet in which Antonio was had to spend an inordinate amount on go around and the plane apparently fell low in fuel, requesting immediate priority landing afterwards. This was done by the plane's pilots probably to avoid another tragedy like Avianca Flight 52 which had crashed in similar circumstances just months before.

Antonio became an ice cream salesman, occasional model and autograph collector during the 1990s, a time in which he met several celebrities, such as Bill Clinton, the six former Menudo members who formed El Reencuentro (plus several other Menudo and band director Edgardo Diaz during a separate meeting) Wilfredo Gomez, Gladys Knight, several WNBA stars and more. He also underwent a religious retransformation at the time and claimed to people that the most important person he'd met was God. The 1990's and early 2000s were generally a crazy and sometimes chaotic time for him where he lost his virginity, was engaged to a woman after meeting her only two weeks before and parties were the norm for him.

On December 12 of 2002, Antonio was playing American Football when he tried to stop a player from scoring a touchdown, got run over, hit the ground with the back of his head and suffered a concussion. But he kept playing and was ok.

In January of 2003, Antonio was involved in an unfortunate incident when a guy named Bobby Lane, arguing for Antonio to pay him two dollars, told Antonio he didn't (f word) care if Antonio was a diabetic and he dint (f word) care if Antonio's sugar went low, then smacked Antonio across the face and provoked a brawl inside a car, after Antonio tried to make sense with him by telling him that he needed those two dollars to buy candy in case his sugar did go low. While Antonio's fists went bloody after hitting Bobby in the head, Antonio deeply regretted this incident, as he hates street violence.

April 3 of 2003 Antonio visited the doctor, who, despite finding Antonio in otherwise great physical condition, told him that the football fall suffered on December 12 caused him small, non life threatening brain damage.

April 21 of 2003, user AntonioMartin and his family suffered an Anthrax scare at home, when a lady threw a white powder just outside their home door. Four cop cars came after a call was made by AntonioMartin to the 911 emergency system. It was determined the powder is probably just baby talc. The lady was also reported by other neighbors to have been bothering around the rest of the day.

His father is Tony, who Antonio was proud to say that decided to join the Wikipedia project on May 23, 2004.

Antonio un-officially became a candidate for President of the United States when he voted for himself at the 2004 United States Presidential Elections. Antonio is an identified Democrat and a vocal supporter of Puerto Rico's Independence movement. He again voted for himself in the 2012 Presidential campaign, which this time would have counted as an official vote since Antonio was over 35, unlike at the 2004 elections.

Antonio was proud to initiate our own version of Sportscenter.

As of February, 2006, Antonio became a writer at the boxing website, He left the site and later started being harassed by the site's managers. Antonio became a writer for, where he joined his friend Sunset Thomas. At, Antonio wrote the popular weekly entertainment and boxing gossip column, "Antonio's Reliable Source".

In July, 2011, a shooting originated in front of Antonio's house. Antonio ran inside and he jumped on his sleeping, 6 year old niece Nina, to shield her. Luckily both were uninjured.

Antonio nicknamed his dogs, "Cookie" "Cookie Kardashian" after the Kardashian sisters, "Jonas" (2008-2019) {originally named "Jonas" by his niece Nina after Joe Jonas) "Jonas Escariot" after Judas Escariot , "Zidian" "Zidian Zarate" after one of Antonio's favorite boxers, Mexican Carlos Zarate, and "Max" "Max Factor" after cosmetology legend Max Factor.

Antonio is an accomplished Street basketball player and in 1986 earned a medal for playing for a second place team in a high school tournament. He has been playing street ball for 35 years, the 30th anniversary of his first street ball game ever taking place on April 14th, 2014. In 2014, playing with a lot of pain on multiple areas, Antonio averaged 5.9 points (counted on 2's and 3's shots), 2.0 assists and 12.8 rebounds per game, on 61 percent shooting.

As of 2019, despite several extra injuries to his shoulders, feet, fingers and toes, he continues to play street basketball on an almost daily basis, against teenagers, men and women of all sizes and ages.

Antonio Martin San Juan International Airport


I hereby award you this barnstar, for your dedication to Wiki and for inspiring me to work in this project. I'm very proud to have a son like you. (Tony the Marine)
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This Boricua Tireless Contributor Barnstar is presented to AntonioMartin for his continous work on Puerto Rican related articles. Presented by Tony the Marine 9 July 2005 06:42 (UTC)
This águila barnstar is awarded to Antonio for his dedication to Latinos on Wikipedia and specifically for his recent articles for the Mexican- American/Chicano WikiProject. May you never go en huelga. Presented this 19 December, 2005, by Rockero.
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Articles Antonio originated (among others):

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Antonio is a good basketball player too and in 1986 he was a member of the Pupilos De Chavelo.

Antoni has two princesses, his nieces Nina (born January 8, 2005), Savannah (born 2012) and three Princes, nephews Wesley (born May 18, 1998), John (born September 26, 2009 and Owen (born 2014).

Vera Cruz 05:30 Dec 19, 2002 (UTC)~


Favorite Movies, in no particular order, except for number one in the list:

Antonio's plane models:


Die Cast

Airports visited

Flights done by Antonio

Antonio Martin with a copy of Ring Magazine on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Seattle Tacoma International Airport, before taking off to Phoenix.
  1. October 10, 1980: San Juan, Puerto Rico-Orlando, Florida, USA (Delta Airlines L-1011)
  2. October 15, 1980: Orlando, Florida, USA-San Juan, Puerto Rico (Delta Airlines L-1011)
  3. June, 1981: San Juan, Puerto Rico-Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Eastern Airlines L-1011, Flight 948 [1])
  4. June, 1981: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic-San Juan, Puerto Rico (Eastern Airlines L-1011, Flight 949)
  5. July, 1981: San Juan, Puerto Rico-Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands (Prinair Convair, Flight 24)
  6. July, 1981: Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands-San Juan, Puerto Rico (Prinair Convair, Flight 25[2])
  7. April 29, 1990: San Juan, Puerto Rico-Atlanta, Georgia, United States (Eastern Airlines Boeing 727)
  8. April 29, 1990: Atlanta, Georgia, United States-Phoenix, Arizona, United States (Eastern Airlines Boeing 757)
  9. May 21, 2008: Phoenix, Arizona, United States-Dallas, Texas, United States (American Airlines MD-82)
  10. May 21, 2008: Dallas, Texas, United States-San Juan, Puerto Rico (American Airlines Boeing 757)
  11. May 28, 2008: San Juan, Puerto Rico-Dallas, Texas, United States (American Airlines Boeing 757, Flight 633)
  12. May 28, 2008: Dallas, Texas, United States-Phoenix, Arizona, United States (American Airlines MD-82)
  13. June 10, 2014: Phoenix,Arizona, United States-Seattle, Washington, United States (Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800, plane registration N516AS, Flight 631)
  14. June 10, 2014: Seattle, Washington, United States-Phoenix, Arizona, United States (Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800, Flight 636)

Games invented by Antonio

Antonio has invented several games, which include:

  • Boxingball: A game that involves all boxing rules, except a basketball and hoop are used instead of boxing gloves. Ten free throws in a row and you beat your opponent by knockout! Matches are for fifteen "rounds". If no one has won by "knockout" at the end of fifteen, then the one who has won the most rounds based on free throws made in a row, wins the match by "decision". Opponents must keep count of the rounds won and lost because of this.
  • Freesbiecatch: two opponents on a basketball or tennis court. If the thrower sends the freesbie to the out of bounds lines, if the freesbie touches an out of the game item, or does not reach the court's middle line, the receiver scores a point. Receivers also get points if they catch the freesbie. Throwers or servers get points when the receiver drops the freesbie. Played to the first to get 10 points.
  • Baseballcatch: same rules as freesbiecatch.
  • Street Tennis: all the rules of a normal tennis game, only that hands are used instead of rackets, and games are played preferably in a home with a large parkway that has a dividing line, or on the sidewalks.
  • Coin baseball: all the rules of baseball apply, except that a pencil and a coin are used to play. Opponents get on the floor, where there shall be four objects spread, to decide whether a "hit" was a single, double, triple or home run, depending on the distance that the object or mark went over. Outs are made either with strikeouts, when the "fielding" player makes a clean catch of the coin or when the coin lands on the flip (not the faced) side.
  • Card boxing: Each player gets 15 poker cards. Shall one of the two opponents get a joker among the fifteen cards, that opponent wins by knockout. A King is considered a knockdown, and, as so, the opponent that throws the King card gets awarded an extra point for each king card thrown. If the jocker does not appear after fifteen "rounds", then the opponents count the cards they have on their possession (when an opponent wins a "round", he takes the other opponent's card, like in war) and, adding the Kings to the number of cards obtained, a winner is declared by decision.

AntonioMartin declares that:

"33 years and I STILL LOVE YOU, THELVENETSEI HERNANDEZ!!!! We will see each other again someday. If Heaven did not have you, then I would not want to go there, as it would be hell to me."

"Latin America should belong to the European, Asian, Indian and African descendants and those who already live there. No foreign peoples should try to conquer it in modern times!"

"Love and hate have one thing in common: passion".

"In blood I trust"

"I wish I could bring back Thelvenetsei Hernandez, never declared my love to Angie Diaz, stayed with Rosemary Guerrero, and told Tameeka Stewart something that would have saved her life. But I don't have a time machine. I only have my memories, and that's what I have to live with".

"I have been equipped with youth and good looks that make me look like I'm still a teen, and with a huge memory capability. Both things are both a blessing, and a curse, for young girls recognize you're handsome but those are not the women you want to attract at the same time, and for you have the great memories but also the bad ones at the same time".

"You must talk the talk, walk the walk and bang the banged!"

"Girls love me"

"I AM THE GREATEST WIKIPEDIAN OF ALL TIME AND ONE OF IT'S FOUNDING FATHERS. Fellow great all-time great wikipedians I respect: Marine 69-71, Arpingstone, Angela, Oliver, Caribbean HQ, Rockero, Vera Cruz, Maverick."

"When it comes down to looks, you guys are Fords. I am the Cadillac!"

"Id rather be an extra in a blockbuster than a star in a flop"

"Oooh oooh oooh ohh! I am the King!"

"In God I trust!"

"Reality is not a reality until it is a reality"

"I hate running so much, I run away from it"

"Muhammad Ali was the greatest, the G.O.A.T., so I must be the best, the B.O.A.T."

"I am so cute, even lady trees melt down when I pass by them!"


"I don't like getting into situations I don't like".

2012 Presidential campaign announcement

Please visit my Facebook page for more information.

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Wikifriends-The in crowd

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