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Formerly known as 'Mew LP', 'A Prodigy', and 'Blooded Edge'

What I do around here[edit]

My primary interests include editing articles based on Formula One, Cricket, track and field athletics (primarily focusing on pages linked to sprints and sprinters), in fact sports in general come to think of it, Dinosaurs, videogames, and History. Other hobbies around Wikipedia include cleaning up threads associated with the Kollywood and Hollywood film industries every-now-and-again, as well as various articles relating to my favourite TV shows. Oh and also, I do my best to welcome at least a dozen or so new members to Wikipedia. Due to the fact I don't use any automated tools (elbow-grease never hurt anyone!), my work concerning anti-vandalism efforts is limited. However, I do get the odd rollback in every-now-and-again.

Articles I have made substantial contributions to[edit]

Asafa Powell

Other internet activities & real life[edit]

I am a keen player of the online fantasy game RuneScape, and have a fairly prestigious account on one of the largest fan forums of the game, not to mention League of Legends (the subreddits of which I also actively engage with). A supporter of the BBC, I also had an account on the 606 forums of the same name and [obviously] frequented the F1 section.

So, who am I in real life I hear you ask? I won't give away too much, but will say this. I am 16, an immigrant from India living in England and go to a well-known private school within the country. Future aspirations? Gee, I don't know. I'd like to study History and try and see if the teaching business is my thing, although boxing or a career in sports journalism would be equally cool. Although having since completed my History degree since first drafting this page - my sights seem set on the legal profession.

And finally[edit]

Well, that pretty much concludes what I do and who I am. Being a sociable fellow, I like meeting new people. So if you're bored and/or need someone to talk with, by all means get in touch with me. (try not to email me for anything, as my Hotmail account is effectively dead)

Remember - be bold! AyrtonProst Radio

Oh, before I forget, I'd like to thank Phaedriel for being kind enough to allow anyone to steal her userpage format. =)

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