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I live with my wife and two children in a suburb of Boston. Fifty years old, and a software engineer by career, I am interested mainly in editing the Religion and Philosophy articles on the Wikipedia. I have been editing on the Wikipedia since August 2003, but only registered in September 2004, when I became much more active.

My Username[edit]

My name is Brian and my last name starts with M -- hence my username. A couple of months after I had been editing on Wikipedia, a person who was upset with a vote of mine on VfD pointed out that "BM" means "bowel movement" where he was from, which I think was Virginia. Here I am going around the Wikipedia with a name that means something like "poo poo" to some people, and I didn't even know. Not exactly consistent with the pompous, self-important persona that I generally try to project. Seriously, nobody else has mentioned it; but if anybody thinks I should change my username, just slip me the quiet word, and I will certainly think about it.


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