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Currently working on:[edit]

  • WP:NPP as the mood strikes me and teaching NPP school when there's an interested student
  • Creating pages for all Newbery and Caldecott winner and honor books
    • Every winner for both awards now has a page (though some of them are incredibly STUBBY.
  • GA reviewing Reviewing ones that catch my eye or whenever I have an article of mine reviewed*Do some project organization for WP:Children's literature
  • Conduct a roll call  Done
  • Gain consensus of categories listed so a bot can do project tagging  Done
User:EarwigBot#Task_14 is bot that could do this.  Done
  • Try and build community through some sort of joint effort (cover finding? citation needed?) clock In progress

Things I think I might do some day:[edit]

My work[edit]

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