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About Me

I have known about Wikipedia for years. I've used it frequently over the past couple of years, especially when looking for information from my BlackBerry.

I first heard about the concept of a wiki about ten years ago, and wasn't impressed at the time. I went to work for a new company in September 2006 and they established an internal wiki soon after. That was my first exposure to editing a wiki.

I created an account here in order to post a comment on Xylitol without showing my work IP address on 2-Oct-6. I started making minor edits that afternoon.

I like to organize things, and quickly found myself Disambiguating pages. Within a week I had also worked on the Find-A-Grave (Project page) and Red Link Recovery projects.

After a couple of months, I was granted permission to use AWB and made quite a few edits working on the Fix common mistakes WikiProject. That experience led me to a number of pages that needed work and Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories/uncategorized.

I have occasionally patrolled Special:Recentchanges and Special:Newpages. I found myself focusing on images because others were much quicker at catching and reverting vandalism to articles. This has lead me to working on clearing out Special:Unusedimages, a growing problem.