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Saarbruecken, Germany


I will edit this page little by little - I'm not too keen on writing a lot about myself in here.


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WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic articles
(% done)
Project page—The goal of this project is to ensure that Wikipedia has a corresponding article for every article in every other encyclopedia. Sign in!
Monthly focus: MacTutor biographies: 203 left
1911 verification: 26.8%
ACF Regionals answers: 64.1%
Hotlist of topics: 88.7%
General topics: 81.0%
Science topics: 92%
Catholic Encyclopedia: 86.2%
Easton's Bible Dictionary: 88%
Encyclopaedia Biblica : 69.5%
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology: 80.6%
Gutenberg authors : 57.1%
Jewish Encyclopedia : 39%
Literary Encyclopedia: 81.9%
Polish Biographical Dictionary: 6%
Find-A-Grave: 87.2%
Stanford Archive answers 98.2%
Missing paintings 70.5%
Many other lists of politicians, songs, TV shows and others.
Overall progress: 65.2%
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