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This user is a bot
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File:CO aids in Operation Enduring Encyclopedia.
Approved?1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Task(s)Newsletter delivery, CFD, external links to interwiki, Wikiproject tagging, copyright violations, adding interwikis, fixing double redirects
Edit rate10 edits per minute
Edit period(s)Automatic
Automatic or manual?When prompted
Programming language(s)C#, AWB, pywikipediabot, PHP
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes

What is it?[edit]

COBot (TalkContribsEdit Count) is an C#/AWB/pywikipedia/PHP bot that is used to deliver newsletters, does Wikiproject tagging, replaces external links to sister wikis with interwiki links, finds and reports dead links on article's talk pages, adds interwiki links, removes protection templates from unprotected pages, works at CFD/W, finds copyright violations, and fixes double redirects. It is approved to run. You can see all of the BRFAs in the column to the right. It will run automatically when prompted, and will rarely be supervised. It might also be run manually by CO when he wants to, but don't expect this very often. CO also runs on a few other wikis. You can see a full list at meta or google it. CO idles in #wikipedia-BAG and #wikihermit.

Got a Task?[edit]

Something you want COBot to do? Explain it in detail here, then tell me you left a task on my talk page.

Something you Disagree With?[edit]

Then revert it. This is a bot, not a super machine. Please tell me if it's something big by leaving a message on CO's talk page.

Edit Count[edit]

Run at Mon Aug 13 20:35:41 2007 GMT

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Category:	57
Image:	        17
Mainspace	8647
Talk:	        6492
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User talk:	185
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Wikipedia talk:	1
Wikipedia:	92
total	        15540