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7 years, 8 months and 24 days. He stepped down on April 6th 2016 due to real life work pressures.
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Cailil is not as active on wikipedia as he would like to be due to an extremely busy schedule in real life. He tries to check in daily but cannot promise he will. In the event of his absence anything urgent should be brought to WP:ANI or to another sysop.

Cailil is from Ireland. His main areas of interest are in Literature, Theatre and Gender Studies. He considers himself a mergist (and neither a deletionist nor an inclusionist). He likes to peer review articles he is not an expert about and isn't afraid to RfC or AfD pages that deserve it.

"Cailil" is pronounced KAY-LIL; or CAI (rhyming with "high") LIL (rhyming with "mill").


On July 10th 2008 he was made a sysop and is honoured by the trust the wikipedia community has shown to him and hopes his work as a sysop helps to improve and develop the project. On April 6th 2016 Cailil requested voluntary removal of access to administrative tools for reasons of inactivity. Cailil intends to return to Wikipedia editing in the future at some point.

Other activities

Cailil regularly patrols Arbitration Enforcement and is interested in helping to reduce the gender gap on wikipedia as well as increasing new editor retention. To these ends he has undertaken a literature review of research on wikipedia, its gender gap and editor retention, which is a work in progress is meta. It should be noted that due to these admin duties and workload in real life Cailil's editing time is cut down considerably. It takes on average 20 minutes to perform a logged close of an Arbitration Enforcement action, investigating these issues is very time consuming and responding to the clamour of the crowds of "uninvolved editors" at the threads are extremely onerous. Please bear this in mind when at WP:AE.

Recommended reading

--Cailil talk 18:50, 4 April 2014 (UTC)