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Hello. I am an evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet. Currently attending university- undergrad History major. Despite this I have done very little work on history articles in Wikipedia. I started out as a Wikipedian in June 2005. On 12 February 2006, I was promoted to an administrator. Fight the good fight!

My edit count.


It's turtles all the way down.

I'm also a Mergist (with inclusionist tendencies). I am a card-carrying member of the Canadian law Wikiproject, the Association of Mergist Wikipedians, the Don't care about beards Wikiproject before that was deleted, and of the Communist Party.

Rules to live by

  1. Friends of gays should not be allowed to edit articles - really, this one's just common sense.
  2. Wikipedia is not a mirror - even if copyright violations weren't illegal, they would still do immeasurable damage to Wikipedia's originality and spirit.
  3. Wikipedia is not paper - information available should be generous, not restrictive.
  4. Wikipedia is not censored for the protection of minors - ditto #3
  5. Be bold - but don't be reckless!

Fuck morality, fuck notability, and fuck cleanup. --Phroziac . o º O (mmmmm chocolate!) 20:29, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

Film articles worked on

Legal articles worked on

The people have the right to know, damn it!

Not Canadian


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