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First, I'm sort of on a permanent wiki-break. I'll be here occasionally, but I'm probably done being an active editor. I have seen my free time cut to 0 between my job and my new wife :) I'll help when I can, though, just post on my talk page!
Second, I have an awful user page. Please, before you go, spruce it up a bit.
Trust me, you can only improve it.
Third, I have the same name on Commons and Meta.

CastAStone (talk message contribs page moves deleted contribs summary count logs block log block email)

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Hi, I'm CastAStone, and this is my 8th calendar year kicking around this place.

I have over 3600 edits to Wikipedia, including deleted edits. A lot of those edits are of poor quality. Some, however, are of mediocre quality, and of those I am quite proud ;) This edit, however, was spectacular. I had previously contributed at least 150 edits as a variety of dynamic IP addresses.

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I have created a few pages on Wikipedia. Not all of them are bad:

And a few Mayors of Buffalo, New York:

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New York
Ath Cliath
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