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Antony Williams[edit]

I am Antony Williams, from Wales, UK. I've been living in the United States for almost 2 decades.

I am an NMR Spectroscopist by training with an interest in small molecule structure elucidation, NMR processing algorithms and Computer Assisted Structure Elucidation (CASE).

I was in the commercial world of cheminformatics for over 10 years as the Chief Science Officer of a chemistry software company. During that time I managed a number of products including structure drawing, structure databasing, systematic nomenclature tools, analytical data processing tools, NMR prediction tools, CASE tools, workflow and sample management tools and so on.


I am the Host of ChemSpider which is why I go by the name ChemSpiderman. I host two blogs : ChemSpider Blog and the ChemConnector Blog (brand new)

A passion for Quality[edit]

My passion is in the delivery of chemistry related information to as many people as possible but with a focus on the QUALITY of that information. I spend a lot of time looking at data and while I can be a big picture guy when designing systems I enjoy the details too. This the Wikipedia Curation project I am doing now...

The Wikipedia Curation project[edit]

I am presently looking at all the chemical structures on Wikipedia to check for consistency between structures and names and between those and external systems. I have already blogged about my efforts in this area around Taxol but the project I have undertaken now is much bigger. I am in the middle of what I estimate to be a 400 hour project when it is finished. My efforts are represented by the report of errors I am finding. I only JUST started keeping track this way and had already made dozens of changes before I started keeping the report.

I judge I have another 4 weeks ahead of me before I am done. My intention is to donate the SDF file of structures to the public so they can hook it into their favorite structure databasing tool and do structure and substructure searches of Wikipedia from their desktop. I'm also an InChI evangelist and hope to convince WP:Chem to adopt InChIKeys into their ChemBoxes!

Categorization of pharmacology articles[edit]

Many of us have been trying to come up with a categorization scheme for pharmacology related articles, and I have posted a new draft at WP:PHARM:CAT. If available, would appreciate your feedback. kilbad (talk) 14:49, 16 February 2009 (UTC)