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***Please add any new additions or comments at Bacon Challenge 2010***

Bacon Challenge 2009
Uncooked pork belly


In an act of swine influenza-induced madness, Kelapstick, a.k.a. "Geo," has proposed the creation of a series of bacon-related articles over a short period of time. This gargantuan and meticulously planned effort will then be unleashed to dominate DYK and produce a DYK grouping with nothing but bacon related hooks. This ingenious and highly constructive proposal from a bacon maniac and co-founder of the bacon cabal (and board member in good standing) comes highly recommended. All cabal members and non-members are urged to sign on and contribute.

The plan[edit]


  • Proposal: 8 bacon related articles.
  • Updated proposal: As many bacon related articles as possible


  • The articles should be worked up in sandboxes so they can all be debuted in one day's DYK listing.
  • Tentative date for debut Wednesday, May 27.


  • Sign in here:

Important subjects that don't yet have articles[edit]

Bacon related[edit]

The official scope of the project is bacon related articles

Pig related[edit]

Failing enough bacon related articles, pig related articles can be used, we should try to use a bacon related hook

Articles under construction[edit]

squeal like a pig, act like a pig, piggish, pig out, piggy bank. [5]
See Cultural references to pigs. LadyofShalott 18:58, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

Articles that meet the 1,500 or 5x expansion criteria[edit]

These article have the required 1,500 character length (or have been expanded 5x), but feel free to expand and improve.

  1. User:Kelapstick/Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich 3,776 characters
    1. User:Bigger digger/Seduced by Bacon: Recipes & Lore about America's Favorite Indulgence  1,800 characters intend to move into mainspace as Seduced by Bacon
    2. user:ChildofMidnight/Joanna Pruess 1,763 characters
  2. user:ChildofMidnight/National Pig Day  4,601 characters(Hey CoM, I did my usual cleanup of your usual ref mess--that's a pretty trivial article! Perfect! Drmies)
  3. User:Drmies/Sandbox/bacon/Angels on horseback  3,046 characters from 316
  4. User:Kelapstick/Mitch Morgan 2,176 characters
  5. User:ChildofMidnight/Stegt Flæsk  1,911 characters
  6. User:Kelapstick/Turkey bacon  1,542 characters could be expanded some more, but it squeaks by as is
  7. User:Kelapstick/Bacon martini  2,125 characters
  8. User:ChildofMidnight/Miniature pig
  9. Maple bacon donut
  10. Snake 'n' Bacon  many characters
  11. Bacon vodka  1,788 characters


Make sure the # for the hook matches the # in the completed articles section

  1. ... that the peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich would be New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's choice for his last meal and was a favorite with Elvis?
  2. ... that Seduced by Bacon by Joanna Pruess includes a recipe for pecan, brown sugar and bacon ice cream as well as writings by Mark Twain?
  3. ... that National Pig Day is included in a handbook for first year teachers as a day for activities including cooking bacon, making BLTs, and discussing where pork chops come from?
  4. ... that angels on horseback are an appetizer of bacon-wrapped oysters that was invented in 1888 and featured in the New York Times in 1896 as a "dish for sultry weather"?
  5. ... that a Mitch Morgan, bourbon with a slice of bacon as a garnish served as the inspiration for Bacon Salt?
  6. ... that Stegt Flæsk, a popular bacon dish in Danish cuisine, has been described as "a dish of pork fat, and only pork fat, in parsley sauce. Mmmm".
  7. ... that turkey bacon is used as a substitute for pork bacon at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe locations in the Middle East?
  8. ... that to prepare a bacon martini, bacon has to soak in vodka for 24 hours, before it is strained over ice and served with a bacon garnish?
  9. ... that miniature pigs are used for medical research and kept as pets, unlike the larger bacon-type pigs raised for meat. ChildofMidnight (talk) 16:34, 24 May 2009 (UTC)
    alt. ...that miniature pigs are bred and raised as pets and for medical research into organ transplant rather than for bacon?
  10. ... that a maple bacon donut is already famous at a new Wichita, Kansas donut shop?
  11. ... that Snake 'n' Bacon is a cartoon consisting of asnake and a strip of bacon duo whose conversations are limited to hissing (on Snake's part) and making bacon-related comments (on Bacon's part)?
    alt: ... that on the cartoon show Snake 'n' Bacon the Bacon character communicates solely with bacon related comments like, "I am a piece of bacon."?
  12. ... that Bacon vodka is vodka infused with bacon flavor and based on the concept of "meat and potatoes"?
    alt by ChildofMidnight ...that bacon vodka has been used to make bacon martinis, the Bacon Russian, a marinade for meat, and a version of the Bloody Mary called the "Bakon Mary"?

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