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My account[edit]

Content work[edit]

List of contributions, not including reviews and photographs added to WikiMedia.

Articles started[edit]

My first edit was the creation of Peugeot 405, as an anonymous IP. That day I created this account and have since made about 6600 edits. Most of my edits are to content. More detail here.

We are only 994173118 articles away from Wikipedia's billionth article...

Article rewrites[edit]

Not including articles that have since evolved substantially.

Reviewing work[edit]

I'm a pending changes reviewer.

Most regretted reverts[edit]

sking is the most shred gnar sport. you shred so much gnar that the gnar just shreds you. somtimes you just have to stop and think am i shreding to much gnar? but the truth is you can never shred enough gnar.

— Skiing

Denmark emerged in the 10th century as reckless seafaring berserker-tribesmen ... struggled for control of the Baltic Sea which was populated by finns ... 17th century wars with the hill-tribes of Sweden ended with cessions of territory to Gýlfidotir the Easily-Titillated

— Denmark