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Joan of Arc Userboxes[edit]

After being drawn into a debate on a Joan of Arc matter here at Wikipedia, I'm adding some Joan userboxes. Normally I focus on food boxes so this will be a departure.

I suppose I could combine the two since "Joan of Arc" is also the name of a bean brand name. The company's website states: "We think Joan would have been proud of the beans that bear her name." No doubt.

Here they are.

Joan of Arc miniature graded.jpg When this user looks at their own accomplishments in life it helps to recall that the case of Joan of Arc proves greatness is rewarded by having a bean brand named after you.

Code: {{User:EReference/Userbox_Joan_of_Arc1}}

Joan of Arc miniature graded.jpg This user once wanted to be like Joan of Arc but then read how the story ended.
Code: {{User:EReference/Userbox_Joan_of_Arc2}}