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I created, revived or defended, here and on commons, many licensing templates, including {{PD-FLGov}}, used for over 100 commons images and many en images, as well as {{FLGovernment}}, {{PD-CAGov}}, {{PD-MAGov}},{{PD-DCGov}}, {{PD-NJGov}} (which lost a foolish TfD and DR, both railroaded by Carnildo), and {{PD-laws}}. Proud of these 2 widely positively impactful edits I think'll help users a lot - people who couldn't (figure out how to/easily) search archives are able to quickly do so now, on ~50,000 (?+40,000) popular pages, hopefully improving discussion quality!

Articles I created include:


On the deletion side, I RfD'd inappropriate state copyright templates, like PD-MDGov.

Articles I had deleted include:

Worth a Read![edit] , which says in part:

Extended content

The Wikimedia Foundation Board affirms that:

  • Wikimedia projects are not censored. Some kinds of content, […] may be offensive to some viewers; and some viewers may feel such content is disrespectful or inappropriate for themselves, their families or their students, while others may find it acceptable. "Controversial content" includes all of these categories. We recognize that we serve a global and diverse (in age, background and values) audience, and we support access to information for all.
  • Wikimedia projects are curated and edited collections, according to certain principles: namely, we host only content that is both free and educational in nature.
  • […]
Approved 10-0.

Enforced Consequences[edit]

The solution to vandalism, and misbehavior generally, is "enforced consequences" (or "consequences and enforcement"). On wikipedia, there's lots (and lots, and lots) of enforcement, but there are no real consequences.


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I've taken The Anti-Corruption Pledge of Rootstrikers/Fix Congress First/Lawrence Lessig/Fund for the Republic. Anti-Corruption Pledge.png I've taken The Boulder Pledge.


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