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My Userboxes[edit]

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I embrace Actor-Network Theory:
What's in your Black Box?
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Wikipedia and Wikimedia Project Involvement[edit]

I am an active editor of articles on Wikipedia, which is how I started my involvement in this open experiment in crowdsourcing open and free knowledge. I strive to cite reliable, third party independent published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy, to support all claims that are made here on this encyclopedia. While I believe in the motto Be Bold, I avoid editing in any way that could be construed as a conflict of interest. While few things across any of the Wikimedia Projects are completely clear, I personally find that working with others in good faith often produces the best results overall.

Beyond editing, I (Jeffrey) am involved in a number of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects across the Movement:

I also work as the Wikipedian-in-Residence WIR at PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute), and in this capacity engage in the advocacy, negotiation, relationship-building, training, consultation and the like, such as editing articles, related to promoting the development and distribution of health care content on Wikimedia projects related to patient-centered health care. As such, I advocate the medical guidelines within MEDRS and MEDMOS to guide my edits on medical articles and do all I can to avoid conflicts of interest in medicine-related articles on Wikipedia.

To contact me, ping me on User_talk:FULBERT or Email me.

Counter Vandalism[edit]

Verbiage and links I frequently use when reverting intentional or unintentional vandalism:

  • WP:VERIFY - Please remember to cite reliable sources as evidence to support your claims per [[WP:VERIFY]]
  • WP:USI - Removed unsourced content per [[WP:USI]]
  • WP:RELIABLE - The source used here does not fulfill the Wikipedia policy of using reliable, third party [[WP:INDEPENDENT]] published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy [[WP:RELIABLE]]
  • WP:NEUTRAL - Articles on Wikipedia should follow the policy of presenting content from a Neutral Point of View per [[WP:NEUTRAL]], meaning information should be represented fairly and proportionately, avoiding stating opinions as facts, seriously contested assertions as facts, or through using judgmental language.
  • WP:SELFPUBLISH - Self-published [[WP:SELFPUBLISH]] or self-referential [[WP:ABOUTSELF]] sources should generally be avoided due to potential conflicts with information verifiability [[WP:VERIFY]].
  • WP:ENC - Wikipedia is an encyclopedia [[WP:ENC]] and not a dumping ground for random information or opinions.
  • WP:LINKSPAM - Removed external links that promoted websites or products per [[WP:LINKSPAM]]
  • MOS:VAGUE - Avoid words that may introduce bias or are expressions that lack precision per [[MOS:VAGUE]]
  • WP:UNDUE - Avoid the views of tiny minorities so as not to give them undue weight per [[WP:UNDUE]]
  • WP:LINKSTOAVOID - Avoid links that do not substantially add or clarify an article [[WP:LINKSTOAVOID]]
  • For in-text citations that are needed, insert this template where it is requested and I cannot find this citation myself: add >>> Insert > Template > Fact > Citation Needed <<< within the text that requires a citation.
  • FOR MY STUDENTS WITHOUT CITATIONS - I would ordinarily revert these edits with a message similar to: The source used here does not fulfill the Wikipedia policy of using reliable, third party [[WP:INDEPENDENT]] published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy [[WP:RELIABLE]]. Please find more reliable sources and the ping me again here when done.
  • FOR MY STUDENTS WHO DID NOT ASSIGN THEMSELVES THE ARTICLE - Please assign yourself this article in the Wiki Edu Dashboard and then ping me here. I will then take a look at it

WelcomeVisual welcome message template[edit]

I created a new user welcome message, WelcomeVisual

  • To use the WelcomeVisual template, copy and paste >> {{subst:WelcomeVisual}} << on a new member's talk page. Include only the text between the >> <<. )


I built a userbox for Actor-Network Theory and am now working on one for postmodernism.

Previous courses taught with WikiEdu[edit]

The Wikipedia Adventure[edit]

I think an excellent way to learn more about Wikipedia is through taking The Wikipedia Adventure.