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Hello, my name is Factchecker atyourservice! I edit using my given English name, Mr. Factchecker atyourservice. I'm a fan of e.e. cummings, but only slightly so, thus I don't capitalize my surname. My namesake was my great-grandfather, Mr. T.H. "Thaddeus" Factchecker, who was descended from a proud and ancient tribe of Hibernian fact-checkers. ("atyourservice" was later added as an incident of fealty to his liege lord, against whom it was a deathly crime to bare steel).

Basically, if you were in the British Isles some time between the late neolithic period and the fall of the Roman Empire, and you wanted to make a factual claim in public, basically one of my ancestors was probably going to give you the old what-for. "Ceteris paribus," they'd say (because all the high-end work was in Latin), "I'd like to hear what the Tempores Novam Yorkam has to say on the matter". And people would nod sagely and stroke their snow-white beards and then they would cast their !votes anonymousely using broken shards of terra cotta pottery. And thus was born the first Wikipedia in Continental Europe, shortly after the creation of the Earth 5,000 years ago. A content dispute ensued regarding the correct name and age of a small, watery planet about which little else could be agreed—save that all participants to the dispute were believed to live on it.

Factchecker_atyourservice is a Wikipedia editor with a very stupid username.

In case anybody wonders—and it seems some do!—Factchecker_atyourservice voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He has spent a lot of time getting out the vote for Democrats in multiple swing states during important elections, mostly for "non-profit" organizations owned by George Soros, but occasionally also for Presidential candidates named "John F. Kerry" who are married to global purveyors of grade "A" fancy tomato sauce.

Factchecker_atyourservice wants to know, do you know what he means by "getting out the vote for Democrats in multiple swing states during important elections"?

Well get ready, because Factchecker_atyourservice is about to explain it to you!

It is a thing that takes place in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, in months like June, July, and August.

Factchecker_atyourservice wants to know, do you know what are the top two things states like these have in common during months like these?

Factchecker_atyourservice is here to tell you: the top two things they have in common are heat and humidity.

These states also have something in common with the other 47 states: their residents do not want you bringing them voter registration forms during dinnertime.