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The current date and time is 21 September 2019 T 17:15 UTC.

Selected articles that GTBacchus has worked on[edit]

(or sometimes looks after)

  • Abortion - More dispute resolution than writing here.
  • Blondie (comic strip) - I began this article, and it has done pretty well since then.
  • Charles Chilton Moore - This one was fun to research.
  • Cocaine - the most vandalized article on my watchlist.
  • Damiana - My first taxobox, I believe.
  • Discordianism - An important article to me, I've done various kinds of work on it.
  • Doll - Started this one, would like to groom it to an FA one day.
  • Edwyn Collins - Wrote the stub.
  • Exploitation film - Another one I began, and should soon revisit with an eye to citations.
  • Graffiti - I did a lot of structural work on this a long time ago, and it became an FA, but then fell.
  • Hipster - I did a lot of writing early on; this article needs constant attention to keep it from eroding. Sort of a problem child.
  • Jimmy Castor - Wrote the stub.
  • Los Cerrillos, New Mexico - Made contributions that I really need to source, now that I've learned about WP:NOR.
  • Louis F. Budenz - Discovered while stub sorting and fleshed out .
  • Mason-Dixon line - I helped shape the opening paragraph, and learned a thing or two about content disputes here.
  • Ralph Abraham - Wrote the stub.
  • Robin Askwith - Wrote the stub.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico - used to live there, helped flesh out the history section.
  • Squonk - my first Wikipedia article, based on research I'd done for h2g2.
  • Towel - I started this, and have continued to look after it. h2g2 is again to thank.
  • Triangle and Robert - Wrote most of this, almost lost it on AfD, but it was determined to be an historically notable webcomic.
  • Turneraceae - Written along with Damiana, being the containing family.
  • War on Christmas - Since renamed. I participated in the fray around Christmas 2005. What a mess that was.
  • Xavier Roberts - Wrote the stub.

International Travels[edit]

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Idea and layout lifted from User:Calton, who took it from User:Salsb, who stole it from User:Guettarda who borrowed it from User:White Cat

More GTBacchus[edit]

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