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geek gaming
Born7/14/2003 (age 15)
EducationLoogootee community schools
Home townloogootee IN
Parent(s)Jonie r day and aaron d smith
Awardsgraduation of LES and LHS
my favorite song as of early 2019
Directed bya youtuber
Based onfallout 4
FALLOUT 3/4/Shelter
Genre(s)post apocalyptic roleplay

i am a gamer and i am a doctor who fan i like minecraft,the sims,fallout,and science i am also a part of the "B4L" aka "BROTHERS 4 LIFE" Here is my sandbox page User:Geek_gaming/sandbox

The Key To Time travel[edit]

Well i've been contemplating on time travel and my conclusion is that it is impossible without the knowledge of interdimensional travel. Take a door for example without a key you can't open the door but it can be opened with the key if time travel is a gateway or "Door" to other times in history and future then it needs a key the key being interdimensional travel and the same goes for interdimensional travel because if a door goes into one room then it can enter another in other words doors are accessible from both sides.

The bubbleverse theory[edit]

So i've been thinking about other universes and their laws in the multiverse and I came to one stunning conclusion... universes are like bubbles they can merge and overlap with one another.when they overlap some contents from one universe can spill into the other and when two or more universes merge they create one new universe depending on the amount of universes that have merged in the case of 2 universes the new product universe is 2X the size of the parent universes.

the best way to explore space[edit]

When i was watching a show called mars I had a genius moment of idea.It is divided into steps these include... Step 1:go back to the moon and colonize it Step 2:Build space launch pads on the moon to go to mars Step 3:Build rockets on the moon to launch to mars Step 4:When on mars start colonizing the world Step 5:After colonization is complete then begin terraforming the planet Step 6:When terraforming has reached 50% of completion launch manned missions to mars 2 moons for construction of the space ark (noah 2) and on the moon build a second space ark (noah 1) Step 7:one ark will be for deep space travel the other will be for solar system travel and colonization on mostly moons and dwarf planets Step 8:Begin mining asteroids in both belts of the solar system for collany cities Step 9:Become the first race in earth history to leave the planet and collinize almost the hole solar system

The Ultra cell from the movie life[edit]

The ultra cell is a theoretical type of cellular particle that can perform the functions of all cells in a non ultra celled organism.This gives the creature with these cells super strength,intelligence,and many more abilities furthermore the calls allow the creature to have no need for origins seaming as all the cells in its body are able to function as any known cell from T cells to Nerve cells to skin and muscle cells.The organisms cells also allow it to store oxygen and move in tight spaces with ease.It can also go into seemingly indefinite hibernation with a long term lack of atmosphere.



My favorite movies[edit]

  1. Avengers: Endgame
  2. Pacific Rim (film)
  3. Tron: Legacy
  4. Pixels (2015 film)
  5. Iron Man 2

Marvels quotes[edit]

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe there are a multitude of quotes that are well known in the media

THANOS:"In time you will know what it is like to luse.. to feel so desperately that your right yet to fail all the same.. dread it.. run from it.. fear it.. destiny still arrives.. but this.. ha ha ha.. does put a smile on my face."

THANOS:"And I will bathe the starways in your blood."

THANOS:"No resurrections this time."

Doctor stephen strange:"It was the only way."

Quorg:"Oh my god your hammer pulled you off."

Iron man & Loki:"We have a hulk."

Captain america:"I could do this all day."

Ultron:"I had strings but now i'm free."

The collector:"At the dawn of time there were 6 infinity stones Power.. Time.. Space.. Reality.. Mind.. and Soul."

Ultron:"upon this rock I shall build my church."

Hulk:"puny god."

Thor:"I am the god of THUNDER."

Spider man:"Mr. Stark I don't feel so good."

The mandarin:"and you'll never see me coming."

Groot:"I am Groot."

Groot:"We are groot"

Thor:"the Thanos killing kind"

Ronan:"First I will destroy Xandar and then Thanos I am coming for you."


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