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<Witanaw>welcome Seaside fun
<Retryfail>Hi Seaside fun
<Theakston>Fresh meat
<Seaside fun>Ah hello
<Seaside fun>So this is the super secret admin channel
<Retryfail>Not that secret
<Witanaw>Its known to leak a bit
<Witanaw>think of it more as the lunchroom
<Seaside fun>I hadn't realised before I became an admin how much work some vandals put in
<Seaside fun>
<Seaside fun>Serious effort went into that hoax
<Witanaw>it happens
<Proboscidea>guys we have to explain
<Proboscidea> Seaside fun Please join #admin-deny

<Proboscidea>You understand nothing written here exists or will ever have existed?
<Seaside fun>What?
<Witanaw>We are here because #wikipedia-en-admins leaks
<Theakston>And not everyone there has enough of a clue
<Seaside fun>so this is the real super secret admin channel?
< Witanaw>no it something created on the fly
<Proboscidea>The thing you found probably wasn't meant as a hoax
<Seaside fun>Huh?
<Seaside fun>Some kind of alt-history project?
<Retryfail>We don't think so
<Witanaw>If it is its a remarkably dedicated one
<Seaside fun>So what it is?
<Proboscidea>The evidence suggests its some kind of leak from a parallel universe
<Seaside fun>funny joke
<Theakston>Yeah so funny we've got about half a million examples in the deleted article database
<Theakston> Ceylon_at_the_2004_Summer_Olympics𓆆𓆅𓇚𓐘🎂
<Theakston>I can keep going all day
<Proboscidea>They aren't all from the same universe either
<Seaside fun>You expect me to believe this?
<Witanaw>We know it seems unlikely but we have a lot of evidence that is the case
<Witanaw>Humour us if you will
<Proboscidea>Most seem to come from universes with only minor changes although its hard to tell
<Seaside fun>Why?
<Proboscidea>Because your average wikipedia article about a sportsman doesn't tell you much about the wider culture and geopolitical context
<Retryfail>You can figure out what countries exist but that's about it
<Witanaw>The article you found appears to be where an extra book made it into the new testament. The Apocalypse of Peter perhaps I'm not an expert
<Witanaw>Doesn't appear to have made much of an impact though. The theological waffling is much the same
<Seaside fun>I will concede that to be a hoax someone would have had to put a lot of effort in
<Seaside fun>although I can't read that last link Theakston
<Retryfail>That's because the more different parallel universe stop using English
<Witanaw>On a larger scale you can sort of guess the distance from the language not english-> not germanic-> Not indo-european After that it becomes pretty meaningless.
<Witanaw>Image formats degrade faster
<Seaside fun>We have images?
<Theakston>And this is where it gets fun
<Seaside fun>Okey that would be a fair bit of work in photoshop
<Theakston>Loads given the number of pics we have
<Theakston>And the effort to invent new file formats. We managed to reverse engineer a few
<Theakston>For example turned out to be pretty close to a pure bitmap
<Proboscidea> Retryfail can forward you the software to open that. Our paleontologist friend tells us the two figures on the right are probably neanderthals
<Seaside fun>what? Really?
<Retryfail>software is in your inbox
<Seaside fun>checking
<Seaside fun>They look pretty human
<Witanaw>you need to know where to look.
<Seaside fun>So why all the hush hush?
<Witanaw>We've received threats
<Seaside fun>who from?
<Witanaw>we don't know
<Proboscidea>Credible entities
<Seaside fun>Reading
<Theakston>Nice aren't they? In a not at all nice my goodness they are horrible type of way
<Seaside fun>Yes I see.
<Seaside fun>So who knows?