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A george in its natural environment... a Silicon Valley cube.
Administrators should have a sense of humor...
...because we have a serious job to do.
I work in an interesting neighborhood...
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Catapultam habeo.

George William Herbert

George hates the third person with a passion, and... oh, <bleep>.

George is happy to be a Jack of Many Trades.

I have far better things to do with my time, but can't... stop.... editing....

I am not...

This George Herbert. However, we're all in the family.

I am...

  • An English language Wikipedia Administrator
  • A member of the unblock-en-l mailing list volunteers
  • A member of the OTRS volunteers
  • Trying hard not to let any power go to my head

I go to...



I have installed and am running a MediaWiki wiki at work. As an IT consultant, I also work with companies running MW.

I try not to let the power go to my head.


This list is about 2 weeks 6 months a year out of date...

My 1,000th edit was apparently this administrative edit, on Sunday, March 13, 2006. I was not paying enough attention; I had intended for my 1,000th edit to be an article contribution.

Projects Created

Wikipedia:AfD Patrol

Articles Created

20mm caliber | 2024 aluminium alloy | 5059 aluminium alloy | 5086 aluminium alloy | 6061 aluminium alloy | 6063 aluminium alloy | 7075 aluminium alloy | A36 steel | A514 steel | | ABS Steels | ASTM A53 | ASTM A500 | B46 nuclear bomb | B90 nuclear bomb | Bake-out | Ballistic Recovery Systems | Blade off testing | Category:Explosives engineering | Category:Linear implosion nuclear weapons | Composite honeycomb | COPS (software) | Double bottom | Double hull | Facetmobile | Failure-of-imagination | Fajitagate | FIA GT Championship | Free-floating barrel | Gary Hudson | Gurney equations | Heptanitrocubane | Hiller Flying Platform | Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee | Hog Island (California) | Inverness Yacht Club (California) | Isogrid | Jeff Greason | Keel depth | Kinglet primary | KPIG | M939 Truck | Mark 4 nuclear bomb | Mark 5 nuclear bomb | Mark 6 nuclear bomb | Mark 8 nuclear bomb | Mark 10 nuclear bomb | Mark 11 nuclear bomb | Mark 12 nuclear bomb | Mark 13 nuclear bomb | Mark 15 nuclear bomb | Mark 16 nuclear bomb | Mark 18 nuclear bomb | Mark 24 nuclear bomb | Mark 27 nuclear bomb | Mark 36 nuclear bomb | Medium access controller | Medium machine gun | Mother of Demons | Mozambique Current | Naval artillery in the Age of Sail | Optical thickness | Photodisintegration | Python primary | RD-170 (rocket engine) | T-4 Atomic Demolition Munition | The Grey Seas Under | Reliable replacement warhead | Richard J. Meadows | S-550 Space capsule | Salvage Tug | SN 2006gy | Spacecraft Planet Instrument C-matrix Events | Staring arrays | Steyr GB | Steyr Mannlicher | Strength of Ships | Strut channel | Soyuz-U | Sun Cluster | Sybase IQ | Table of Explosive Detonation Velocities | TATB | The Point Reyes Light | Thin Man (nuclear bomb) | Triethylaluminum | Tsetse primary | United States Army Parachute Team | Use forms of explosives | Veritas Cluster Server | W9 (nuclear warhead) | W19 (nuclear artillery shell) | W30 | W31 | W33 (nuclear weapon) | W34 (nuclear warhead) | W38 | W39 | W40 (nuclear warhead) | W44 | W45 | W47 | W48 | W49 | W50 (atomic weapon) | W52 | W55 | W58 | W59 | W62 | W66 | W67 | W68 | W71 | W73 | W78 | W79 | W81 | W86 | W87 | W89 | W91 | Walther TPH | White fuming nitric acid | Williams FJ33 | Wingstrike | XCOR Aerospace

Major edits and Contributions

Astrolite | Atmospheric reentry | Blasting Cap | Bren Ten | CZ Model 25 | Composition B | Davy Crockett (nuclear device) | Defeat in detail | FOX-7 | Gene Kranz | General Staff | Glock 19 | Hexanitrobenzene | High-availability cluster | HMX | Inverness, California | List of micronations | Magazine (firearm) | Mortar (weapon) | Nuclear weapon design | PETN | Picric acid | Plastic bonded explosive | Point Reyes Station, California | RD-180 (rocket engine) | Reactive armor | Recoilless rifle | RDX | Solid rocket booster | Soyuz launch vehicle | Steyr MPi 69 | Suppressor | Three-tier (computing) | Telescoping bolt | Teller-Ulam design | Tetryl | Tomales Bay | Trinitrotoluene | Tsar Bomba | Unix architecture | Uzi submachine gun | W-54 | XV-15

Minor edits

Anime Expo | Double column magazine | Heat shield | Heckler & Koch UMP | Maraging steel | Metacentric height | Rocket Racing League | Single column magazine | UNIX | Virtual hosting


Alumaloy | Berkeley file system | Billet aluminium | Biokerosene | Classic Traveller into Traveller (role-playing game) | cPCI | Fan blade out testing | HEDP | Izod impact test | Mark 80 | Phenolic-impregnated carbon ablator | Spigot Mortar to Mortar (weapon) Star-48V | W12 nuclear warhead

Images created

Image:TellerUlamAblation.png | Image:Triaminotrinitrobenzene.png | Image:PentaerythritolTetranitrate structure.png | Image:Corrected-1-1-Diamino-2-2-DinitroEthylene.png | Image:MercuryFulminate.png | File:Cutaway diagram of various types of blasting caps and detonators.png | Image:Image Explosive Reactive Armor.png | Image:Recoilless Rifle.png | Image:Sabot.png | Image:WestMarinTowns.png | Image:SA-26-Submachinegun-Linedrawing.png | Image:Glock19 LeftSide.PNG | Image:Glock19 Loaded15.png | Image:Glock19Loaded17.png | Image:Glock19SlideFrameDissassembled.png | Image:Glock19SlideDissassembled.png | Image:WaltherTPH-Left.png | Image:WaltherTPH-Right.png | Image:WaltherTPH-Hand.png | Image:2nodeHAcluster.png

Images imported


Real Life

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, with my wife Lee, and four six (groan) seven (thank you, Momma Cat) six rescue cats, 3 of which weigh over 12 lbs (and mostly muscle).

I work in computer consulting by day.

By night, I do aerospace engineering as the owner of Venturer Aerospace (see also Commercial Orbital Transportation Services WP entry) and my consulting company Retro Aerospace, which also is involved in various defense-related analysis and technology.

I write technical materials, nonfiction, and a little fiction for flavor. I could say I write poetry, but that would be somewhat of an abuse of the term. I produce doggrel is perhaps a more fair statement.

I have an Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering degree from UC Berkeley and attended the 1992 International Space University summer session in Kitakyushu, Japan.

I have published conference technical papers in space exploration and spacecraft design, internet traffic research, and computer systems reliability.


I was a very long time and multiple topic contributor to Usenet, including moderating newsgroups, group creation process, and widespread participation. I was spamm'ed under around 2006 when the groups I was moderating started getting several hundred spam messages a day around my spam filters, and was unable to participate in any useful way after that.

My first Usenet posts were in 1987, though they don't show up in Google Groups' archive. Many thousands of later ones do, though.

For over 10 years, I moderated,, sci.military.moderated, and sci.aeronautics.airliners . I was the group creation proponent for the reorg that created, .science, and .policy back in late 1993.

Technically I also moderated alt.war.nuclear.biological-chemical-radiological-moderated but the traffic is dead. After it was abandoned by its original moderator, I took over sci.aeronautics.simulation until it fell into disuse and was rolled up into sci.aeronautics.

For a long time, I regularly read and contributed to to*, and rec.arts.sf.written

Frequently I read and contributed to news.groups, talk.bizarre, comp.arch and others.

I ran the Usenet Volunteer Votetakers for a short while in the 1990s.

I murdered B-News ( .cabal ) and was ringleader and chief bottle washer of the Quality Internet Pranksters, perpetrators of several April 1 Usenet hoaxes.

Licensing of Contributions to Wikipedia

I try to play nice with intellectual property:

Multi-licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License versions 1.0 and 2.0
I agree to multi-license my text contributions, unless otherwise stated, under Wikipedia's copyright terms and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license version 1.0 and version 2.0. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under the Creative Commons terms, please check the CC dual-license and Multi-licensing guides.

Lists of things to do





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Testing something


Country/Territory Possession Sale Transport Cultivation Notes


Illegal Illegal Illegal Illegal


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Just to be obstinate

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I have had snide comments in email a couple of times by people who spotted me taking credit for accidental IP edits I made.

I am entirely open about who I am, my real name, etc. I have stated above that I own the business whose IP space I primarily use. My day consulting job affiliation is not listed here, but is on a bunch of technical conference papers I've done and conference attendance lists, which are all online.

If you think that finding my IPs is a big deal, my only response is "...and?". I am who I am. I have a 20-plus year history on the Internet and much of it is documented in Google archives of mail and usenet, all under my real name. You can't really out me much more than that. 8-)