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I am now retired from the workforce after a career in the computer software field.
My interests include astronomy, critical thinking, martial arts and home renovation.
Human behaviour fascinates, confuses and scares me in pretty much equal degrees.

I made my first Wikipedia edit in March 2014, and one day I hope to be good at it.

My Wikipedia presence[edit]

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About me[edit]

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Disclosure of interests[edit]

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I strive to make improving Wikipedia my highest priority, and my contributions are my own. I have only used one account and I have not used a customised signature. I edited as an IP a few times before I registered as a user and, since then, very occasionally by accident. I have never been paid to edit Wikipedia and I have never edited on a topic in which I have a financial interest. I attempt to avoid conflicts of interest, so I offer the following information for transparency:

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