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Interstate 49 marker

Interstate 49
Route information
Maintained by Missouri DOT
Length174 mi (280 km)
Major junctions
South end Route HH near Neosho
  US 60 in Neosho
I-44 near Joplin
US 160 near Lamar
US 54 near Nevada
To I-435 in Kansas City
Highway system
Route 49US 50

Interstate 49 is upgrading the existing US Highway 71 to interstate standards. The highway commission is planning to have the highway from the Grandview Triangle to Interstate 44 near Joplin, MO. Due to Arkansas being able to only create a two lane bypass (not interstate compatible) over six years, Missouri's highway department transferred $60 million from the Bella Vista Bypass project.

Route Description[edit]

Interstate 49 starts about 5 miles north of the Arkansas state line. Here, U.S. Highway 71 has an incomplete interchange. Only vehicles going north can exit onto I-49, and people going southbound have to exit to southbound US 71. In one mile, I-49 has a Parclo with Missouri Supplemental Route H. In another mile, there is an exit at Anderson, MO with Route EE. Then, North of Anderson US 71 Business 71 returns to the main highway. In five miles, there is an half diamond with Missouri Route 59, where people can only exit off and on from the north.[1] In another mile, there is an exit with Missouri Route B. Four miles later is southern exit of Neosho, MO's Business Loop.

Bella Vista Bypass[edit]

Near Pineville County, MO I-49 will diverge from the existing Four lane US 71. The Path will continue south to the state line of Arkansas. The five miles of new construction was originally the focus of I-49 construction in Missouri. But when the Arkansas Highway Department announced it would only be able to precede to a two lane bypass over the next six years. MODot decided to use the money available to upgrade the existing US 71 North of Joplin.[2]

MODot has said the Bypass is shovel ready. All the Right of way is bought, and the engineering is completed, meaning the construction of the road can be started as soon as Arkansas is ready to meet at the state line.

Exit List[edit]

McDonaldPineville5 Route HH
7 Route EE
Anderson10 Route 76
Route 59 / US 71 Bus.
Half-diamond, access only to and from the north
17 Route C / Route B
NewtonNeosho20 Route AA / BL I-49
24 US 60
27 Route 86 / BL I-49
Tipton Ford30Iris Rd
Joplin33 BL I-49 / Route 175
35 Route V
39A Route FF
39B-C I-44 west / Route 249 north
39A Route FFStart of 7 mile concurrency with I-44
JasperCarthage47Cedar DrConcurrency with I-44 ends at I-44 Exit 18
47 Route 571 Garrison AveHalf-diamond interchange
49 Route HH Fir Rd
51Fairview Rd
53 Route 571 / BL I-49 south / Route 171 west / Route 96
55Civil War Rd
56 Route V / Route D
Jasper49 Route H / Route K
Barton70 Route 126
Lamar77 US 160
80 Route DD / Route EE
Irwin81 Route V / Route C
VernonSheldon88 Route N / Route B
91 Route DD / Route BB
Milo95 Route E
Nevada101 Route K / BL I-49
Nevada102A US 54
Bates102B BL I-49Half-diamond interchange
103Hiland Ave
107 Route M
110 Route D
Rich Hill116 Route TT
120 Route A / Route B
Butler129 Route 52 – Appleton City
131 Route 52 – Butler
Cass County141 Route 18
144 Route AA / Route E
147 Route A / Route B
Grandview153307th St.
155283rd St.
157 Route 7 – Clinton
158 Route 2 east
159 Route 2 west / Route 7 north
160 Route 291 – Lee's SummitMODot has plans to widen the road to 5 lanes and to add a Diverging diamond interchange[4]
Kansas City167 Route C / Route J
172 Route 58 North Cass Parkway
Jackson175 Route Y 163rd Street
176155th St.
177 Route 150 – Greenwood
178140th St.
179Main St. and Frontage RdSouthbound U turn
180Truman Blvd and Frontage RdSouthbound U turn
181Blue Ridge Blvd and Frontage RdNorthbound U Turn
181Red Bridge Rd
183A I-470 – Lee's Summit
183B-C I-435 – Wichita, Kansas City
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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