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Evelyn Beatrice Hall, (1868 - 1919) biographical author of Voltaire; The Friends of Voltaire often mis-attributed to Voltaire

David Marshall Brooks, (1902–1994); Freethinker, Author The Necessity of Atheism (1933)

Benjamin Franklin, (1706 - 1790) American statesman; The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Wild Wiki World[edit]

This documentation is transcluded from W:User:Jeepday/Wild Wiki World

Wikipedia is my home wiki. For those who track Editcountitis my degree of infection according to Special:CentralAuth is over 40,000 edits across all wiki's Including edits from my not at home account User:JeepdaySock. Edit counters come and go so if your interested in counting take a look at Wikipedia:WikiProject edit counters


In the real world, my name is James Jenkins. I am male born in the US in the 1960's, currently living and working in the Pittsburgh area. A few years ago my work lead me to interact first on StackOverflow.SE and after a little while I became active on many parts of the Stack Exchange Network of sites (SE)

The markup language for Wikipedia and Stack Exchange are similar but different. As I became more active on SE sites, I lost touch with editing on Wikipedia, while I still visit here regularly the markup does not flow automatically from my fingers anymore so I don't edit as much as I used to.

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