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Hi, welcome to my userpage. If I can assist in anyway please leave a message next door at my talk page.

About Me

I am a 53 year old married man from near Daphne, Alabama. My wife and I have three children of whom the oldest is 22. and a graduate of the University of South Alabama in Mobile. The two younger ones are twins at age 16. three dogs and some fish complete the lineup. Professionally I am a minister in the churches of Christ. I teach two Bible classes each week and preach twice every Sunday. I am an adjunct professor of Bible at Faulkner University, teaching at the Mobile campus.I have various speaking engagements throughout the year.

My work takes me to Guyana where I work with a school of preaching in Lethem, Guyana. In connection with my preaching I write a regular blog on Bible topics. I enjoy seafood and have never met a fish I wouldn't eat - preferably fried. Oysters are the exception and should only be eaten raw. My wife's lasagna is the best I have ever eaten anywhere. I also think all foods taste better with a good dose of Tabasco. As a preacher, I also like fried chicken...I think that's a requirement.

Quite importantly I am a fan of Alabama Crimson Tide Football. I lived in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area for much of my early life and worked for the flagship radio station of the Alabama Football network. I was a sports reporter and interviewed Coach Bryant on many occasions.

I came to Wikipedia in 2006 as an ip editor but registered in May of 2006. My first registered edit is here. I stood for adminship in July of 2007. I enjoy the interaction and although I have offended some I don't think it has ever gotten out of hand.

My Editing Philosophy

Anyone can edit here and all should be encouraged to do so. As more editors come to a given page the reliability of that article should improve. Marginal ideas and thoughts have a place but should be plainly shown to be marginal. If sourced, the reader can investigate for himself and determine whether the thoughts are correct. That is not to say that anything goes. It does not. When a source is so far out of the mainstream that it becomes laughable it certainly has no place in an article.
Proper sourcing of articles is essential. Verification of facts is required and the only way that can be done is by proper sourcing and by the use of accurate, complete inline sourcing. Not every article belongs here. But we need to use caution when deleting articles. Sometimes t he article is just beginning and a few minutes won't hurt. I like to give time for some development before hitting the delete button. Attack pieces and copyright violations are especially irritating. In my mind, they may equate to assault and theft. Civility is essential in any culture. As a product of the deep south I find myself striving to be a southern gentleman in all I do. If I fail, please left me know. Please don't mistake kindness for weakness. The two are not synonymous. As an administrator I think we should be held to a higher standard. Many have sullied the name through the years. Irrational, impatient and nasty are poor characteristics. If we can't work well together who can?

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