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Welcome! I'm Joe Decker, I'm an editor and administrator here on Wikipedia.

When I'm not editing Wikipedia, I'm a professional nature photographer[1] based in the East Bay region of California.[2] My job occasionally leaves me out of communication for as much as a couple weeks as a time.

I am not related to the "World's Fittest Man", nor the late baseball pitcher of the same name.


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• I also have a little bot, User:Joe's Null Bot. How can a 'bot be useful with zero contributions? Take a look and find out. I also operated the now inactive User:Joe's Olympic Bot in 2012.
• Yep, I do have some Userboxen, as well as a few milestones in my WikiHistory, and a few barnstars and other kind words I've received.
• An essay on the problems and perils of using breaking news sources in writing encyclopedia articles.
• I have an alternate account for use at public hotspots and so on.

I'm better suited for WikiGnoming than writing, and that shows in most of my work here. But I do believe that it is worth the effort to try to write decent articles, even when that doesn't come naturally to me. Articles are what we're here for.

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