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Ricardo Arturo Lafaurie, Jr. died on January 2nd, 2010. His user and talk pages are preserved as a memorial.

"blankpage was all the rage
never meant to say anything
In bed, I was half dead
Tired of dreaming of rest..."

My name is Danny Lilithborne, Internet random knowledge holder extraordinaire.

As of March 2009, I am retired from Wikipedia. This doesn't mean I'm never editing again, as my edit history clearly demonstrates. But I have come to feel responsible for something that is, in many ways, way beyond my control. I hold much respect for those who stick around on Wikipedia and defend it from the people who live for nothing more than to make mischief for their own entertainment. My watchlist is clear, and I generally only edit based on recent contributions now. God bless the Wikiwatchmen who have the energy to devote to protecting this place.

(P.S. I am not named for delicious candy.)

Other Wikis I actively edit

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