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Pages I am currently or intend to get involved in:

  1. Sweden - since I'm Swedish I can't help but be interested in improving this article
  2. Economy of Sweden - this article needs to be expanded and updated
  3. Battle of Kosovo - could be improved and expanded
  4. Srebrenica massacre - decided not to be intimidated by the name-calling bullies on this article
  5. Swedish people - especially the section on the Swedish National character needs to be improved
  6. Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson - an article which deserves to be expanded
  7. Rate of profit - this article deals with the concept of Profitability (which is incorrectly linked to Profit) and deserves to be greatly expanded
  8. Valuation using discounted cash flows - needs to be simplified and structured better
  9. Norse settlement in Greenland - an interesting topic which could definately be expanded on in a separate article
  10. Rånäs manor - a manor house in Uppland in central Sweden worthy of an article